Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Youth Christmas Party

We had a great time with the youth from church at their Christmas Party.  I love them all so much and cannot possibly put all their photos on here, so I am just putting one that makes me laugh a lot and you can see the rest on my Facebook page!

Yes...this IS my husband holding a bottle to a baby doll's mouth.  He was "babysitting" for Jessie while she played the gift game.  The baby is her school project.  She failed the first time around, which may or may not have been because my dog freaked out about the baby and I let it's head flop backwards...so we felt obligated to make sure the baby was well cared for.  Doesn't Tom look so happy to be helping!

This is Jessie with her baby...and her gag gift was Depends diapers...LOL!!!  That's Luke beside her.  I adore him...and Natalie on the other side.  It was her birthday that day!

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