Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hmmm....A New Direction?

When I started this blog, my intention was just to keep our friends around the world up to date on current pics and happenings and funny stories about our family. Lately though, I have really had my heart burdened to encourage other parents here as well.  

I have been watching families struggle so much in the last year.  It makes my heart ache!  I don't at all mean that my family doesn't have it's own struggles, but compared to what I see some going through, we just really have something good going.  We have peace in the midst of storms.  We have true love for one another, and we really enjoy one another!   Most days I can go to sleep thinking, "This was a good day!"

I don't mean that I think we are better than other families...but it does seem that we have found something that not a lot of families, at least from what I am seeing, have right now.

So, as I have been praying for family after family, my heart has just become so burdened that I need to share what we have tapped into.  I certainly don't want that to come across as arrogant in any way...which is one reason I have held back posting anything like this for so long.  But, I also know that I must be faithful to freely give what has been freely given to me.

I must had a disclaimer however...if you do not believe in God and have a desire to live for Him, what I have to say probably won't help you!  

I have lived life both ways...with Him and without, and hands-down, my life is so much better with Him leading it!  I don't have any success in living life without Him as my Master, so I don't think I could help anyone that chose that path.  And, in all honesty, I truly believe that path leads to death, and I am living proof.  But now, I have found life...and life abundantly.  I know Who that came through!

Therefore, today, what I would encourage someone with is this:  evaluate your life...figure out Whose you are.

My Pastor, Gregg Jackson, said in a message last year, that we often say, "I am trying to find out who I am."  But, if we would just find Jesus, we would find out who we are!  When we know Whose we are, we will know who we are!

God created us by Him and for Him.  He knows us intimately.  To try to understand who we are and what we are supposed to do apart from Him is really fighting a losing battle.  That is why so many become frustrated and discouraged and even hate life.   The stress brings on sickness in their body, and they literally feel like they are on a spinning wheel that they cannot get off of.  And I don't just see this in non-Christians, but even in believers who have been in church for years!  You can be a church-goer and still not be a Jesus-knower!  

I am convinced (because I have seen it happen over and over again) that the more you press into knowing Jesus, the more you will understand yourself.  You will stop surviving and start thriving!

One passion in my heart is to help others know Jesus.  I know the difference it has made in my life and in my family.  I truly, utterly believe without Jesus, my marriage would have disintegrated and my children would have suffered terribly.  But, my husband and I made a decision to stop living for ourselves and instead, live to serve God and others.  

We both make choices every single day to lay down our wants and desires and bless each other.  We do the same with our children.  We look for ways to bless one another and our children.  We do it on purpose.  Instead of blaming and being selfish, we TRY to build the other person up.  This has created a wonderful cycle of both of us being loved and cherished and well as our children.

When you know Jesus, you know true love.  The deeper you know Him, the lovelier you become.  It's how He meant for it to be in a family, but it starts with one person deciding to make a change that will cause an effect.  It gets really hard for someone to continue to be mean to you when you are constantly blessing them!

So evaluate Whose you are today and what results that is bringing forth in your life.  If you don't belong to Jesus, why don't you try it His way?  It can't be any worse than what you are experiencing!  I KNOW it will only get better.  The struggles won't all disappear, but YOU will handle them differently!


Katie Ashcraft said...

beautiful post, I sooo agree! you don't know me but my cousin is Laura S. with all the boys and sweet baby girl. she's shared that you lead her to Christ and she is a huge role model in my life. Thanks for all you do in your family for God and the trickle down affect it has had! you are touching lives thru the glory of God WOO-HOO! take care, Katie

Mindy said...

Wow Katie...thanks girl! What a confirmation from the Lord to speak up and boast only of Him and what He has done and can do! I love to hear that others are experiencing Him! I so adore Laura. It's amazing what God will use to knit your heart with another. I treasure her and miss her SO much! Thank you for taking the time to encourage me honey!

Blessedw5mom said...

What a beautiful post dear friend! Its been a joy and encouragment to stay in touch with you over the years. Keep speaking those beautiful words that the Lord gives you!