Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Wow...Well, pretty pathetic that it is now April and my last blog entry was December!  But, life got busier right after Christmas and hasn't slowed down much.

I was called to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua so January was spent fund-raising.  February was the trip, and when I returned, I started watching a newborn baby named Emma.  I also clean a couple of houses, all while trying to continue homeschooling our boys, host a home group for church (which I think is getting ready to move locations!), work with the youth and young adults at church, and lead a women's Bible Study!  

I love blogs because it's such an easy way to keep up with great friends everywhere.  But, when time is short, my computer communication takes a huge hit!  Sorry guys!  :(

Here are some of my favorite pics of events since December. 
Getting ready to go to sleep on Christmas Eve

 All they have to do is wake up and open gifts!

 On New Year's Eve, Tom performed his first wedding ceremony for my friend Toni.  We all had a part in the fun.  It was beautiful!

This one shows how tall our guys are getting!

Andrea, Laura, and Saunnie came to have our "family" Christmas the first weekend in January.  We had tons of fun and missed Heather tremendously, but she is loving Cambodia!
 Playing in the snow was hilarious!  Here we are with cousins and their dog and my parents...forming a train on our road.
We had crazy times with friends watching football!

My first day in Nicaragua was spent on the beautiful beach...having dinner and watching the sunset.
 My new precious friend, Carolyn.  She is a nurse who has went on the trip for the last four years.
 Another new friend, Yorleni.  She was one of our translators.  What a sweet, sweet person!
 This is my pastors' daughter, Morgan.  She is one of the most amazing young women I have ever had the honor of knowing!  I so enjoyed being on this trip with her.  Here we are riding in the front of the van...being very helpful to Jose, our driver!  (Well, at least we gave him some laughs!)
This is my Jessica.  God called her at the last minute to go...just like me.  We bonded over Nicaragua, and I just love her so, so much!
These two lil girls lived by the dump.  They are the best of pals.  The one on the left just broke my heart and carries a piece of it with her!  I gave her my hat and it may as well have been a diamond the way she treasured it.  She stood stiff in the doorway when I was walking her out to her bus.  She did not want to leave us.  If it had been possible, I would have brought her home with me.
This little guy impacted me forever.  He was shoveling his food in his mouth like he was in an eating contest.  I was told it was probably the best meal he had ever eaten in his life, and they said he probably only eats 2 to 3 times per week.  I cried all day long.
This will forever be my Nicaraguan Princess.  She was from the dump, and I have no idea how she got this dress, but it was priceless watching her wearing it, filthy dirty, and playing with a baseball glove.
My friend, Lisa and me laying in the hammock after a long, emotional day with the sweet kids.
Jessie and me with Franklin, another translator I had a blast with!
Here I am with the little girl that our family sponsors for school.
Isn't she absolutely beautiful!!!
Pastor Trina hugging a boy goodbye.
Trina and Morgan...if I ever have a daughter, I pray I share a bond like they have.  Truly precious!
Lisa giving her sponsored girl, Brenda, a necklace she brought for her.  Brenda has been through so much.  I will never forget her.
Here is Jennifer with her little Jennifer.  We found that she was sleeping on wire out in the yard.  We were able to get her a bed and Jennifer is having her a house built!  She is such a funny little girl!
 I went Volcano Boarding!  That was crazy, but I'm glad I did it!  So fun!!!
The view from the top!  There are multiple volcanoes in the background.  We were on the most active one in Nicaragua!  Why, I don't know!
This is what it looks like just before you slide down in the ash.  I was covered in black by the time I got to the bottom.
This is baby Emma!  She is pretty cute.  She cried a lot at first, but she is doing well now.
My other girl, Adalee, loves to come visit Emma and "help!"
My cousin, Tammy, had a baby shower so I got to see my Dad's family I don't see very often.
 Alexander turned 9 years old!
 He got a new bike.
 Laura came down and we all went to the Winter Jam concert.  We only had to stand in the rain for a few minutes.  It was worth it!
 I love my husband so much!  We were both getting over the stomach flu still.
 Couldn't ask for a better big sister for my boys!  
This just makes me laugh!  Such a typical Trey expression!  

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