Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Pics-Skatathon

I have really been terrible about picture taking this summer!  I hardly have any documentation of our fun!  hee hee

Here are some for you viewing pleasure however :)

These are from the Camp Legacy Kick-off...Skat-a-thon
 The lighting isn't great on these, but there are some cute ones so I will share.  This is my niece Adalee chewing on her hair while she watches the skaters whiz by.  My nephew Caleb is right behind her.
 This is Garrison trying to stay on his feet!!!
 Nieces Hadassah & Julianna...growing up way too fast!
Alex and his best friend Isaiah.  Being with Isaiah is about all Alex liked this day.  He is not a lover of roller skating!
 My nephew Joshua hanging onto the rail to stay up!
  My fabulous friend Tera and me getting so excited to be with our awesome campers again!
 My sweet niece Joleen.  I think she was skating pretty well.
 Nephews Judah and Caleb.  Judah got to try skating, but Caleb had to just watch :(
 Niece Lydia Grace...look at that beautiful smile!  Love that sweetness!
 Lil' nephew Zephaniah Paul.  Bless his heart...he was tryin' his hardest...and there is Joshy pulling his way behind.
And finally...Tom's sister, Erin (Mom to Lydia, Zeph, Judah, & Caleb)...she was quite a skater back in the day evidently.

Camp was June 26-29 and it was so amazing.  I don't have any pics of that this year because my friend Kristen took a gazillion on her awesome camera.  Hopefully I can get access to those soon!

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