Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know what I love???  I love when you see your labor pay off!

I love that FINALLY, after diligent training, I can say, "Okay gentlemen, we need to clean the house."  And now...yes happens...they clean and they clean well!  

It occurred to me some time ago how much parents expect and punish for...even though they have never taken the time to TRAIN their children in how to do what it is the parents want done!  

It's ridiculous.  It's frustrating.  It's exasperating!

Praise God I got the revelation!  

It's not easy to train.  It's not convenient.  BUT, it is necessary if you ever want peace and success!

I am so proud of my three sons!  They are some really, really great boys!  I have watched them mature so much.  Yes, we have more to learn, but wow...we are making progress.

Tonight, I hosted a baby celebration for a couple women in the church.  The boys helped me and had the house perfect and ready by we headed to the pool!  

When we got home, they moved chairs upstairs, helped set things up, helped the lady who arrived first, made their own they went to my sis-in-law's house...came back, moved stuff back, took the trash out, got showers, teeth, and meds done...called Dad to pray and the oldest was reading the youngest to sleep by the time I got out of the shower! 

People...THAT is a nice day.  A family playing and working together to benefit everyone!  It gives me inspiration to keep doing what God has told me to do!  I may not see the payoff for years to come, but I believe God is showing me that if I stay diligent, it WILL come.


Katie Ashcraft said...

wow those do sound like some amazing boys! You MUST be an amazing mom to have all 3 of your boys so well behaved and helpful, it definitely makes the house a Happy home!

Mindy said...

Thanks Katie, but truly, I think any ole Mom can have these long as she is diligent to do it God's way. It just amazes me how it works just like God's says it will...IF we will just buckle down and do it! It's so easy to give up and so hard to stay focused in this fallen world!