Thursday, September 16, 2010


This morning Pastor Gregg came over to chat with Tom so the boys and I stayed downstairs to give them some peace and quiet.  We were FR-EEEEEE-ZING!  The basement was so cold!  The sky was cloudy and the trees were whipping in the wind!  It was a blustery day Pooh!  :)

When Pastor left, I poured a warm cup of coffee, but I'm not a big coffee fan most days.  So....Trey decided I should try some hot cocoa instead.  It tasted very yummy and hit the spot for all of us.  It was pretty funny!  Every drink Alex and I took made us make sounds....MMMMMM!

I couldn't resist getting some pics!  Something so small and trivial, but as I looked around at my little family and thought of all the families all over the earth and of all the things I COULD be doing in that moment, I just felt so thankful for the "little" things in life!  

I hope every mommy everywhere has a precious moment like that matter what circumstances surround them.
 Alex...all snuggled up in his favorite blanket!
 Trey sippin' away while he is practicing his multiplication tables on the computer.

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