Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Summer Moments

Hi everyone!!!

I am sad to be so behind in blog world!!!  I thought once the lil girls I was watching went back to school, I would be able to catch up.  Sad for me, instead I have spent most of the month of August sick!  I hope that means that I got it all over with and will breeze through fall and winter with nothin'!

So here are some more precious moments you might enjoy seeing.  I know I will treasure them always!

We caught lightning bugs with cousins, and friends from where we previously lived came to party for the weekend!  I use to watch these two little boys (Kyle and Jude).  When their baby sister (Ava) arrived, Laura started watching them.  We love their family so much!
 We had lots of fun with Maeve and Sadie...inside and out!  We are missing them now too.
We celebrated my 34th birthday with the girls and my good friend from high school, Amy, and her two daughters, Lilly and Maddie.  They invaded our house with pink everything...and my princess self loved every minute of it!  I don't get much of that around here. The boys were very good sports about it all.  Who said G.I. Joe couldn't mix with Barbie (even though Maddie didn't seem thrilled at HOW the boys like to play...especially when they lined her Barbies up and ran over them with the big RV and used her toilet for swirlies)?!
Laura popped in town to surprise me, and I also got to go out to dinner with her, Tom, and dear friends from church, Steve and Lisa...who SO SWEETLY treated us to see our Pastor, Gregg Jackson, perform as Rooster in Annie!  He was magnificent.  It was quite a birthday treat for me!
My adventurous sons tried out new hairstyles!!!
 Here are some "model shots" so you can see how much they have grown!  Someone please pass me some tissues!!!
 We got together with Isaac and Ian...the brothers from another mother!!!  We always treasure those visits!
  Garrison started conditioning for football...and his brothers had to try on the gear too of course.
 We took a trip with Laura to see our dear friend Dan marry his beautiful bride, Elizabeth.  (More tissues please someone!)
 We met up with our sweet Heather for the last time before she returned to Cambodia.  How wonderful it was to spend time with her!  We miss her so much, but we send her forth with blessing to obey the Lord's call!

Laura and I took a trip to see Saunnie's new pad.  She got a fellowship and is teaching while in grad school!  So proud of her!!!  Sorry, forgot to get picks of that!

Andrea is back at college for her second year after working at a summer camp.  We got to spend a bit of cherished time with her as well...but again, no pics! (Sometimes I'm just too busy having fun and forget the photos!)  I am really hoping to get to her college for a visit this year.

 Last weekend, I got to spend an afternoon with my cousin, Jennifer, who brought her sweet girls home from England.  My camera fuzzed out, but you can get a glimpse of how cute they are!  I was so smitten.  Rachel's accent is absolutely adorable!  I asked her if she was enjoying America, and she replied, "Oh, I am having a brilliant time."  LOVE IT!  I think we could be really good pals if we lived closer.  :(  Wish I could afford a visit to their country right now!
 I watched Garrison's first football game last weekend as well.  Let's just say I don't make a good football mom!  I don't know if I will ever understand why anyone enjoys this barbaric game!  AND I really don't like disorganized organized sports!
 And last but not least...these are just some pics I love because, well, they are just so my kids being my kids!  Alex always doing something he thinks is funny that borders on dangerous, and Garrison gagging as he cleans up the dog food that spilled!  

We hope you have all had precious summer moments!  Now c'mon autumn!  I'm ready for beautiful colors, cool breezes, marshmallow roasting, and I suppose more football :/  



Anonymous said...

1. I need some copies of a few of those.
2. I LOVE the one of us making goofy faces with Heather...I totally look like I'm punching Alex in the cheek, which makes his expression even more hilarious :)
3. G looks so grown up in that "model shot," and I just saw him a few weeks ago. Seriously Mindy, stop feeding the boy. He is not allowed to grow up any more.

heather said...

i agree with Laura on all 3 counts!!!