Friday, September 10, 2010

Museum Fieldtrip

There is a local museum the boys have been waiting all summer to get to because they had an exhibit on Pirates.  I don't know why this intrigues them so much, but I am all about a museum.  I love to learn history!  This particular museum is set up like a walk-through timeline starting in the year 1000 A.D.  We had a nice day.  Didi (my mom) was with us too.

 Practicing bow and arrow skills!
 Trey trying on a wool jacket and itching so bad he couldn't stand still!
Alex is always about a dress-up costume and roll play.  See how he ran that spear through that dragons mouth!
Studying knight's armor...
There are lots of statue scenes portraying battle, so you know they loved that!
Finally!  We come to the long-awaited pirates!  We couldn't use flash photography so the pics aren't great.
I wish this was clear!  
Here, Garrison and my Mom are working to figure out the message the flags were sending.
Trey used the stamps and tattooed himself up!
These guys moved so fast all the pics came out blurry, but they were teaching fencing technique which riveted the boys!
This was in the Wild West section.  We just thought it was funny!
It's amazing to think this is what you would have seen back in the day!  What a wild world we live in!
And here are the guys at the bottom of the world's biggest bat outside of another museum across the street.  Waiting on the Rourke family to tour that one with us!

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