Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Baby Boy

Here he is...Trey William.  Our third living son.
 He was two days old here.  He turns 8 tomorrow.  It's so unbelievable to my heart!  How I wish I could continue to watch him grow into the kind young man he is becoming, BUT STILL be able to cuddle him in my arms and see those sweet feet!  Those very big-for-a-tiny-newborn baby feet!
You would think by the time you give birth to your third baby you would be a little over it all, but no!  I was enthralled in a completely new and different way with this lil infant.
 I think I had finally gotten to a point that I had some maturity...some sense about myself.  I had a new feeling of "I can do this!"  I wasn't scared of everything new like with the first son.  I wasn't terrified of what the first son would do to the next son if I took my eyes off them.  Somehow I just had peace, this time, that everything would be fine.
 This one I could just relax and enjoy!
I really, REALLY thought he was a girl!  Everything was so different than my other pregnancies.  But God knew just what we needed and just who Trey needed to have as his parents.  He gave us a precious gift.
His brothers accepted him immediately and thought he was the cutest baby in the whole world.

His Daddy was totally fine with having another boy!

And so were his grandparents...
I was used to boy.  BOY I can do!  BOY I know.  BOY I have come to love! 
Nothing could have prepared me for HOW MUCH I would love all of this that has become my life.  I adore them.  

I definitely have a special place in my heart for little girls, and I pray fervently that God will work it out to place a couple in my home by adoption someday.  But, these lil guys...these young men God has loaned to me for a little while...bring me more joy than I can articulate!
 Yes, God knows exactly what we need and when we need it, doesn't He?

Thank you Trey...for being who you are.  From your sweet smile to the hugs you sneak to give me...to your wit and insight to your tenderness toward others.  I love you son.  It has been MY ABSOLUTE HONOR to be your momma.

My how you've grown...me


Katie Ashcraft said...

wow- what a sweet baby and a handsome young boy! thanks for your comments on my post, most people lean to the "cut the cord" attitude, so I appreciate your comments to hold onto every last thing I can, they have their whole lived to be grown up, and honestly I don't feel guilty about being a protective mom. Thru the grace of God they have turned out to be amazing young people- who have no problem giving their mom a hug in public... even on a college campus! Hooray for moms like you, too! love seeing those birth and thru the years pictures... they are small for such a SHORT amount of time! take care and God bless! love, Katie

ZimboUSA Girl said...

WE have one of Daniel and Brendon next to the snake at the zoo too - awesome biographyin pics

Laura said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Trey!!!!