Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nerf War & A Fall School Day

Laura always gets the best pics for me!  She came to see Trey for his birthday last weekend and she captured my guys in a Nerf War with my nephew, Andrew.

I don't even know what Trey was doing here...hiding a gun...acting pregnant...sneaking food downstairs...who knows! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Here is a pic of Trey with his shirt from Laura.  I just love it!  You can click on it to make it larger, but it is a drum set with drumsticks and it says Stick with Jesus!  Hee heee...cute!
 Here we are making our hot cocoa before we head outside to do school!  Look at this happy face!  This is how every boy should look when they are anticipating learning!
I even get kisses for making them work!  Ha!

 Alex said, "No hold on!  Take one of my thinking face!"  What makes me laugh is that his Daddy actually does this when he is thinking!

The machine that ruined our quiet study in the backyard.
No problem for us though!  We just moved to the front!

 Who is this grown-up boy staring back at my camera?  :(
Garrison getting a little Algebra done...inside the house.

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Katie Ashcraft said...

you have some handsome boys there- so cute! and that party was awesome! he must of felt so special- way to go mom and dad! and I know we'd have a great time hangin' out if you were able to come up for a visit! take care, Katie