Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Daily Schedule

Here is a run-through of how we try to go about our day:

Breakfast~Boys have been trained to make their own; we have a list on the refrigerator of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, & snacks each day...this was instituted when I had my nieces and nephew with us and I got tired of hearing, "What can we have to eat?"  It's a big time-saver!

Morning Chores~Each child is responsible for eating & cleaning up after themselves, brushing teeth, fixing hair, washing face, making their bed, putting pjs where they need to go, dressing for the day, straightening their room, taking their morning meds/vitamins, & being ready to start schooling at 9 (Having this routine is also VERY helpful because if you are leaving the house that day, everyone is ready, for they are already in the habit!  I will say, though, that we DO have pajama days!)

School~We don't worry about watching the clock & staying on a minute-by-minute time crunch...we instead try to keep the same general flow so the children know what to expect when

~We sing a song, either something contemporary or a hymn (because we are learning about hymns...who wrote them, & what inspired that person to write the words they did)
~We pray for whatever is on our heart, as well as the world, the nation of Israel, our nation, our leaders-all those in authority, all those we know in need
~We work on Scripture memory, discussing what verses mean

~We are learning the Pledge of Allegiance (because I realized Alex & Trey don't know it!)
~I read the Read Aloud portions of our history; we talk about what we are reading along the way, as well as look at maps so we know where places are; the boys summarize what they heard on a page for their history notebook (sometimes they write their own words, sometimes I write for them what they say to me, sometimes they draw a picture, sometimes we use internet sources and make a page together); we pin that day's topic picture to our timeline

Snack break

Language Arts
~Spelling is done daily
~Grammar Lessons are done first part of week and Composition second part
~Garrison works on his own on this; I help Alex & Trey 

Lunch Break

Book Basket
~In our curriculum (My Father's World), we are given a book list so we can check out numerous books to fill a basket.  The children do Book Basket everyday for 15 minutes.  There are no rules except, 1) no talking, 2) sit down, 3)must have a book.  They can use the book however they would like:  they can look at the pics, read it, skim it, or just sit and hold one if they are stubborn!  But, it's their time to explore those books however they wish.

~Garrison works independently; Alex & Trey work on a computer program...while one is using the computer, the other is silently reading a chapter book
~Alex & Trey are also using computer games to reinforce their multiplication tables right works on my laptop, the other on the desktop, then I find a fun way to quiz them

~Garrison is reading this bookwork independently 4 days/week
~I read with Alex & Trey about the same topic Garrison is studying but not everyday
~We all do experiments together

~We do each at least 1 day/week, usually 2
~We listen to a CD telling the life story of a composer with samples of their music
~We learn some about music theory
~We have a keyboard and guitar for them to practice learning on
~For art, we practice drawing all kinds of things, we paint, sculpt with clay, & make crafts
~ We also study artists and their styles, looking at their work online & in books

Foreign Language
~Right now I am in a pickle with this.  I have a program I want to we used for a bit before, but now our installation disk is not compatible with Windows 7.  We can't afford to buy the current installation disk right now!  Kind-of aggravating, but oh well.  I will have to get creative, but I would like to have a lesson 4 days/week.

*Handwriting practice & Journal writing are used to fill in time slots when one child may still be working on something but the others are done and waiting.  This year, our journals are Letters to God...based on the movie out this year.  I really love the concept of writing your feelings and thoughts out to the Lord.

*We are typically finished with schoolwork by 1:30 at the latest (sometimes Garrison needs longer).  The rest of the afternoon is used to explore whatever the child wishes and usually 1 day/week they have a few other house-cleaning chores (vacuuming, bathrooms, dusting baseboards).

Snack Break

Outside/Free Play

Dinner & Evening Clean-up
~Everything gets put in its place!

Evening Activities
~Sports practice, church events, visiting with family or friends

~Showers; dirty laundry away; snack if needed; brush teeth; take meds; pray with Dad; Mom usually reads something or they may get to watch a short movie

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