Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was packed full o' fun!

Friday night, we had my cousin's wedding:

This is my cousin Beth and her husband Todd
 Beth's daughter is Jessica...the bride!
The wedding was on the roof of a museum downtown, overlooking the river.  It was a perfect evening!
 Tom took Garrison to football practice, and Trey thought he would rather join them than be at a wedding.  Alex, however, likes to dress up and eat cake so he was my date.
Of course he was finished with the dress shirt by the end of the meal and tried a little dancing.  He also caught the garter and was pretty excited about that until he found out it used to be on her leg...then, he threw it down.
Here's a shot of him with my Mom and Dad.
This one I just like a lot :)
Saturday morning, we had a family reunion for my Dad's side.  It was great seeing cousins from out of town!  The weather was again fabulous!  This part of my family is not really into pictures so we only have a few families, but it was very nice to see everyone.
My Dad has five sisters, one living brother, and one brother who has passed.  (That is when my Daddy gave his heart to Jesus!)
This is my cousin Tammy...we are closest in age...pretty much the babies of the grandkids.  She was in from VA with her new baby who I somehow did NOT get a pic of!  :(
This is my cousin Cheryl (one of the oldest...hee hee) and her awesome family in from MN.  She tried to smash a cupcake in my face and got a little more than she bargained for. :)  I'm sure her hubby will be sending me the photos of that mess soon!
Aunt Georgia's crew...
Aunt Anita's crew...she's the baby of the family.


Sunday, after church, we went to Tom's sister Julie's house to check out their new pool.  The water was FREEZING, but the kids had fun visiting and so did the taller people!
 Zephaniah and Joshua snuggled up to get warm
 Tom's BEAUTIFUL grandmother, Ina...we love her so much!
 Joleen and Lydia huggin' it up
 Playing over the A/C unit...we had a little talk about watching out for hair in the fan...yikes!
 Julianna...her usual cutsie self!
 Sunshine and Julianna dipping their heads in the frigid Arctic water...for some reason... his safety goggles...but I don't know why.  He is holding the baby of the grandchildren, Caleb.
 Alex...trying to warm up
 Alex ALWAYS finds a weapon of some kind somewhere...or he just makes them!
 Trey...too cold to run yet!
 Judah...trying to hide from me!
 Garrison...trying to show me his FOUR pack!  Ha hahahahah
 Nice kick!

 Finally, on Monday, we went to a local state park with some friends from church.  Here we are (well, most of us)!  Between us, we sure have a lot of children!
 Here is my precious family.  What a nice picture huh?  Well, until you look closely and see how my husband ruined it!  For as long as I have known him, he crosses his eyes and sticks out his tongue in photos.  It makes me really, REALLY angry.  I would like to think after our talk about this one, he will stop, but I doubt it!  Stinker!!!
 He made me a little happier with this one, but you would think he might least a little!
 My boys...who are starting to not want to stand by each other for pictures now.
 Love this pic of Tom's sister, Julie and her husband, Dusty.
 Julianna and Garrison...cousins, born a month apart.  Haven't had a photo of them together in a long time.
 Our sweet friends, Adam and Tara, and their adorable kids!
 Angie just chillin' and her hubby, Matt, pointing us toward the trail.
 Matt's son, Jonathan...who could NOT stay out of the freezing water!  He's a wild man!
 How this is fun for boys I will never understand!
 Jonathan and Meagan fighting over the watermelon they found floating in the creek! 
 Tom's sister, Erin, laying back, hurting with a toothache.  She ended up getting her wisdom tooth cut out yesterday!  EEEK
 Erin's husband, Jason...with Ezekiel pretending to tell him a joke while he licks his finger to give him a "wet willie."  It was VERY funny!
 Ezekiel and Judah crossing the creek.  It was so sweet!
 Judah telling us he was dirty after playing in the mud!  Hilarious!
 Caleb...just airing out his belly on top of the cooler.  :)
 My sweet boy!
 And then...Tom's Dynamic Duo!  (Just kidding!)
 Trey and Josiah...trying out the stilts.
 A precious little couple who played music on an old crank box and made a wooden puppet dance for the kids.
 Great memories with great friends!

(Not pictured:  the Mull Family because Tera thought it would be more fun to go home early and pass a kidney stone!)

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LOVE the pictures. Alex...oh my goodness what a lady killer! Thanks for putting these on here. <> Miss you guys!