Friday, September 24, 2010

Trey's Birthday Adventures Continue!

My guys were finished with school this afternoon so we hopped down to the river and had a little fun with my folks!  I LOVE the new pic of the boys chillin' on the dock.  It was a beautiful day.  I can't believe it is still in the 90's and it is officially autumn!  That is why I didn't stay in the south!  C'mon 70's!  BUT, while it is still sweltering, we will have fun with it!

My boys are very finicky about what water they swim in so I was pleasantly surprised to see them cut loose and take on the river.  (And YES, I DO know they get that from BOTH of their parents!)

Poor guys trying to maneuver in those old-school life jackets.  If they are ready to take on water sports, we MUST move on!
 Daddy even got to join us today, but of course he had his phone handy in case work called.
Didi had a lil fight with the dock!
And here is Poppa SLOWLY getting us back down the river because we ran outta gas!  We got a bit excited and drove a little too far up the river sight-seeing ;)  Thankfully, we found a gas pump!

Yesterday was Trey's ACTUAL birthday.  Here are some pics of him waking up and having his birthday pancakes.
 We went to see a movie and then to my Mom and Dad's house for dinner.  Trey decided, all of a sudden, that he no longer likes cake and wanted brownies instead.  Of course Didi hooked him up!
 Didi didn't have any candles though...except...LAST YEAR'S NUMBER and that is so, ya know...LAST YEAR!  

THEN she found a 2 stuck in the drawer so Trey decided to make the best of what he had!  Hee heeee!

That's my boy!  :)
Trey is also VERY, VERY, VERY happy to be legally free of booster seats!
He enjoyed my last post with his baby pics (well except for ONE and you can probably figure out which one that was).  He wanted me to take a picture of his foot NOW.  So OF COURSE I did!  
He will love seeing these side-by-side!  Wow...where does the time go? one last thing!  It is 1:48 A.M.  Yes, I am serious!  

WHY am I up blogging at this hour?  Well, the reason is because at this hour...
 I was making a big TOP SECRET cookie!
 You see, my sweet little Trey gave me this sad, sad story a couple months ago about how his brothers had big birthday parties in the past, but he never did.

Now, I assure you that I have photographs of how UNTRUE this is, BUT of course, we ARE going to make sure Trey has himself a party to remember!

Last year, he wanted a camp-out, but the weather turned cold fast and it just never happened.  His Dad has been working hard to get some of his best buddies and their dads in on a SURPRISE camp-out! 

Thus...why I had to wait til he was in bed before I could make his cookie (NOT cake) and why I can't sleep now BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED!  

I had a moment...I realized how happy I was anticipating how happy my boy would be when I take him to that camp ground and he sees everyone waiting for HIM.  I thought, "I wonder if God delights in blessing us like this!"  And yes, I know from His Word that indeed He truly does!  AMAZING!  I love kisses from my Lord!

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Laura said...

You are such an awesome mom!!!! Trey is beyond handsome!!! I miss youse guys so much!!! We would have sooooo much fun together!!!! Ok, enough exclamation points!! Love you!