Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes There's More!

Friday morning at 1000 hours, Trey and I left the house and headed to the library.  My friend Lawrita droped off one of her seven adorable sons to spend the day with Trey and me.

We headed to an Italian restaurant on the river.
 Meanwhile (though Trey had no idea) his Dad, brothers, Pastor, and Poppa were setting up camp for his surprise party!

After we finished our yummy lunch, Trey, Ian, and I decided that the day was too beautiful to not take a stroll on the river.  
We walked down the street and spent a couple hours on the fossil beds.  Are these guys cute or what?
It's hard to believe but these guys are only a couple weeks apart in age.  Trey is big for his age, and Ian is small...but they sure do love hangin' out together! 
This is the train bridge right above the dam.  Just thought this was a pretty picture!  The boys counted the cars and checked out the city.
After we finished playing, we stopped off at Toys R' Us so Trey could spend some birthday cash.  They decided on some Nerf guns.  Then we went by our favorite ice cream shop and headed home.

My Dad dropped my Mom off and we hung out here for a while before we ran an errand for Tom and headed out to the State Park which was also on the river.  We took the boys to the boat dock first to give all the guys time to get to the campsite and get settled.
Trey was truly the most pitiful surprised boy ever when we pulled up to the campsite!  No dramatic reactions from this kid!  He is definitely Tom's son.  Cool.  Calm.  Collected.  

The first thing he said was, "Steve?"  He clearly did not understand why Mr. Steve would be there.  Trey thought we were going to visit Uncle Rob and his friends (which we did...I don't lie to my kids:).  Steve was Trey's camp counselor.  He and his family have quickly become dear friends of ours from church.  How sweet that he made the time to come see my boy!  He and Ms. Lisa are gonna be amazing grandparents!
Here are some more pics of their night.  I only stayed a short time.  This was a guy thang!  I enjoyed a quiet evening watching movies with my mom...yay me! 
 Some of the boys...waiting for the rest!
Now this is a surprised face Seth!
Seth's Dad, Roy...always a party with this guy around!
Best Poppa in the world!  Thanks for all your help!
 Cousin of the boys' favorite playmates
Anthony...the human jungle gym
Our favorite Grandad!  Thanks for coming!
 Mr. Byron & Mr. Adam...thank you for bringing your boys!
Thanks Uncle Rob for making sure Trey's forever buddy made it!
Trey and his cousin Josiah

As Trey fell asleep next to his daddy that night, he said it was the best birthday ever.  

Trey~we truly hope this was unforgettable and fun for you.  We all love you so much.  It was our pleasure to see you smile.

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