Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are You on THIS Time or THAT Time?

I'm gonna piggy-back my friend's blog post from the other day because God has totally been dealing with my heart on the same issue!


It's so easy to get side-tracked and wound up in the day-to-day chaos of life.  Laundry, practices, duties, check-lists!  


On my little get-away with my hubby recently, I actually had two days of quiet!  It's amazing how easy it is to hear God's voice when all the commotion is gone!  I guess that is why Jesus Himself had to get away and get alone with the Father.  I wonder how much easier my life would be if I actually did what Jesus did!

I have been worked-up about something.  I have been looking to see what I could do to make things better.  I had lots of ideas, but I learned a long time ago that there is a BIG difference in a good idea and a God idea!

I went forward with a plan, but I thankfully prayed that if it was not God's plan then no doors would be open to me.  As I sat in the hotel room while Tom worked, responding to a friend who wanted some homeschooling advice, the Lord spoke so gently to my heart, "That is good advice you are giving.  It is exactly what I told you to do...what I spoke to you about this summer, but you have let worry become your focus."

I stopped typing and sat there in tears.

This world doesn't stop.  The economy doesn't care if it's burdening us!  Everyday, fiery arrows are aimed our way to slam us off the course God has pointed us on.

I had succumbed.  

I was forgetting what God said was MOST important for my household.  I sat thanking God for closing doors that would harm us.

He cares so much for us.  He wants us to know His will for our lives more than we want to know it.  He still speaks today.

I have to be diligent about staying focused, no matter how hard things get around me.  First things have to stay first, even when it doesn't make any sense in our world!

If THIS is such a time for X, then I must stay steadfast on X!  I can't focus on THAT time and what may or may not ever happen.  I have to make the most of THIS time...every single moment of it!

I must choose to trust in Him, for all things, in every way, every single day...lest I derail myself from the perfect plan.  

God help me!


Katie Ashcraft said...

I love your honesty. The good, bad and the not so pretty- no matter what is going on you're so honest. That's so refreshing. Thank you and God bless you! Love ya, Katie

Mindy said...

Thanks Katie. If I am anything, it's honest! Ha! But hey, it is only the truth that will set us free right! So no use beating around the bush. Let's tackle it and move on!