Thursday, November 18, 2010

How You See A Thing is How You Treat a Thing!

Do you think every family has one?  

You know, that one child who just seems...I don't know... different somehow? 

One who maybe cracks you up, but you dare not laugh aloud at him for fear of encouraging more of "that kind" of behavior?
One of those children who is so creative and inventive that you know if he could just channel that thinking, he could make millions?

One of those children, who is so affectionate and cuddly, loveable and sweet with his momma, but seems to raise a ruckus everywhere he goes?  

One who, even if he isn't the one caught in the act, has the trail somehow always traced back to one of his ideas?  

One who you know loves his family and would beat a bully up for them, but for the life of him, can't seem to get along with them in daily life for more than minutes at a time?

One who is as adorable as can be, has a smile that makes your heart melt, and can say the most endearing words your ears have ever heard?

Who always has the best explanations and makes you feel horrible for having to deal out consequences that you know you have to give for the safety of all human life, but that you also know was stemmed from innocent curiosity! 
 One who everyone loves to play with because he comes up with the funnest games and makes you belly-laugh til you cry?

One who, despite how much he really seems to try, somehow always ends up in a pickle...with marks to show for it?

 One who stands out in a crowd and draws others to him like moths to a flame?

One who can make you wanna pull your hair out, but totally capture you with the look in his eyes?

It's amazing how fearfully and wonderfully made each human is, isn't it!  

I refuse to be a parent that says, "I don't know what to do with you!"  because where my knowledge falters and my wisdom ceases, there is a great God who knows my boy intimately and secretly.

I know He will lead me and guide me into all truth and show me what to do when I haven't a clue.

Some in the world would call my son a troublemaker.  Some may even wanna dole him out some meds to get him to sit still and behave.  

But, I know my boy was created just the way God wanted him...just the way the rest of the world needs him.  Just the way our family needs him!

I know the potential that lies within him, and so help me, I WILL not lie down and give up!  I will pursue, press on, stay strong in the hard times, and see God's work completed!

To all the parents out there who have one of "these" boys, who just doesn't fit into a mold, be of good cheer!  God has not called us to fit in, but to stand out.

I wonder how many of "these" boys grew up to change our world!  I bet we would be astounded!

Alexander...Alex...Xander...Xane = Defender of Mankind/the Lord is gracious

Stephen = Crowned One

When God laid this name on our hearts for our son, He knew the treasure we beheld and in His graciousness, he bestowed on us the honor of raising up a crowned defender of mankind!  

That is the Spirit which drives my son.  That is the passion that he is trying to understand about himself.  THAT is my privilege to help him walk out!

It's all in how we look at it, isn't it?

What treasures do you need to handle more carefully?

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