Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice Adventures

I'm just gonna be honest...for hours we have done nothing much but watch Christmas movies in our pjs, eat, and play on ice with my nephew, Andrew!  It has been FABULOUS!  

Oh, we got in a little school reading tonight, but whateva...the neighbors didn't have school and they needed our front hill for speed and our expertise in sledding!

We had to help them!  I mean we have to love our neighbors, right?

Yep, it was quite a sacrifice for us, but we managed!

We had a variety of amazing sporting events to participate in:
Traditional sledding...
which brought lots of smiles and laughter!
Dog pulling! (Not sure the pup liked this so's not my pup!)
and multiple dog sledding! (I dunno...)
Belly boarding!  (This is really fun but you should take your camera OUT of your coat pocket FIRST!)
Ice surfing!  (Proceed with caution here as falling from a standing position is much worse than falling off a sled on the ground! Don't ask how I found that out!)
Multi-person sledding!  (This doesn't always end well!)
Ice licking!  (REALLY don't recommend this...especially the yellow ice!)
Ice golfing!  (This got stopped pretty quickly as we were reminded of our friend Coleton's head getting split open the last time golf clubs were involved with a large group!)
Ice hockey!  (This went okay.)
Ice boogey-boarding!  (Relatively safe as long as you lean hard left and steer clear of the bright red fire hydrant!)
Ice snow boarding!  (NO! NO! NO!)
Ice wiping-out!  (Enough said!)
Ice crawling (back up the hill)!  (This was the exhausting part...and scary part for the older participants!)
And we had people helping one another:
 Moms shoving their kids hands into gloves!  (Gotta make sure they are on there good and we have no frostbite!)
And friends pulling their friends across slippery ice patches by their hoods!  (Yikes Trey...what were ya thinkin' boy?)
We had warm homemade chicken pot pie...(so yummy!)
and cozy blankets!

A day to remember for sure!  



The Broady's said...

Sounds like fun! You got some great pics! Ways toooooo cold for my kids out there!

Katie Ashcraft said...

that looked like so much fun!!! I hate being cold but sometimes that's what ya gotta do to have some fun. I WANT some more snow just so I can go play in it with the kids. But I do have to say my favorite picture was of everyone inside relaxing with blankets looking cozy! love ya, Katie!!!

Mindy said...

I really love the snow. I am so ridiculous out there! I can still feel the ache in my tail bone from 2 years ago, but it is soooo fun to sled down our front hill!

Our family said...

Mindy, you have to get up here and visit the frozen tundra of MN some day ... we've had 30some inches of snow so far this year! kids are having a blast! ok, adults are too :-)

Mindy said...

Heather! I would LOVE to come visit you and MN!!!