Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just A Little Shout Out to Mom!

I've really enjoyed the times I have been out shopping with my nephew, Andrew, and my Mom this season.

We've had lots of laughs!  It reminds me of the times before I got married and moved away, when we would all go do things together.  Andrew was born when I was 11, and he has always been like a little brother to me.  What great memories I have of him!

How I have missed my family!  We have been so incredibly blessed by all the great friends God provided in each place we've lived, but there is nobody like your momma!

I cannot begin to thank you, Mom, for all that you have done and still do for me.  There is no gift that we could find for you on earth that would express the gratitude Tom and I have for you!

For every time you have watched our boys...for every cross-country trip you made...for every pair of shoes bought...for every time you have come when one of us was sick...for every birthday you've made special...for every holiday big or small...for every toy you've given...for every loving card you have sent...for every time you've dropped what you were doing to come to our rescue...for every minute you've spent loving us...


We don't say it nearly enough, and we fall miserably short in giving you the honor your deserve! 


Katie Ashcraft said...

moms are pretty great, I don't think every truly appreciated until you become a mom yourself.

The Broady's said...

Awwww...have to agree with you...moms are the greatest! Feel the same way about mine.