Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Me!

Thanksgiving was fabulous!  Thanks Mom for the great food!

Yup...that is all I'm gonna say about that because it was peaceful and uneventful compared to the bomb that came Saturday! (and I took no pics on Thanksgiving!  Why?  I don't know.  I'm still mad about it!)

So...the Saturday after... I made my precious niece Adalee her third-year birthday cake...which had to be a momma pig and baby pigs...why, we dunno...but as I am working on this piece of art, I started feeling worse, LITERALLY, by the minute people!

Oh I have Laura in town and Andrea on her way, Christmas decor to put up, this piggy cake, boys running all over, husband deeply involved in a computer project, is supposed to be our super-fun weekend of parties and BAM!!!!!!! 

Chills, headache, nausea, every joint in my body aching!  I was thinking, "Oh God, this must be it.  This must be the demon swine flu and I'm goin' down!"

And I'm alone right now.

I can't be alone in this.  I hate being sick.  I pass out easy.  What am I gonna do???

Laura had taken the boys to get haircuts and Christmas shopping.  Tom was off running an errand...Rebekah is depending on me to get this pig pretty!

I push myself through the cake, trying desperately not to breath on it and praying no one catches anything through it!  And then...I grabbed the trash can, a cold rag and hit the bed under four blankets that did NOT get me warm!

I'll say it.  I hate to, but it must be known I suppose.


I know, I know!  I am too old to act that way, but I HATE pain! 

And this sickness wasn't just bad, it was the "you-don't-even-have-to-make-a-move-and-you-still-hurt" kinda pain.  So I.....


....whimpered!  I did!  I groaned and tears rolled down my face!  It was pathetic, and I hope no one snuck pics of that for anyone to see!

I at least made it standing in the shower and to the couch by Sunday, but I can tell you that my body still hurts today!  I still don't have all my energy back.

So there is my big exciting family update....all about myself!  Furrr you even think I cared what all the males in my household were doing at that point!!!!

Thank God for Laura and Andrea playing with their bros. and for Laura keeping my house clean and running while I was down for the count!  (In my mind, I'm throwing flowers at your feet Laura!)

Okay, now, let's get on with Christmas...the most wonderful time of the year!

MMMMMmmmmm...I dunno!  I sure like a lot of the times of the year...but either way, more exciting news will be coming your way soon!

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Katie Ashcraft said...

you poor thing, from the sounds of it I think a little whining was ok... and for the record- I hate pain, too! and I am the biggest baby! I don't even get that sick often but when I do... I'm such a whiner and cranky... it's so pathetic. Jeromy said God doesn't let me get sick that often so the rest of the family doesn't suffer- and it's true.. even if I'm sick at work I whine to my co-workers lol! and that's so sweet about loving a family you've never met, I feel the same- it's amazing what Christ can do in your heart... and your boys are adorable! I think a little whine is ok... you don't want that to build up :o)