Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stockings and Seasons

It's hard to believe how fast time passes.  Like a blink of an eye, Garrison is 12, and Alex and Trey are fast on his heels!  

No more action figures.  No more cheap dollar store stocking-stuffers cut it.  Their interests have changed, and I find myself in the electronics and sports sections more than the toy department now.

Looking back over the year in photos reveals Garrison stepping into manhood.  His voice is changing.  He is growing out of pants within 3 weeks time!  He has passed me in shoe size, and he has only two inches to stand eye-to-eye with me.

Alex's face is getting little break-outs and his adorable chubby cheeks are melting away. His chest is massive, and he can pick me up!  Only Trey has the remnants of anything "baby" about him left...and it is quickly fading.  I cannot pick him up at all anymore.

I rejoice in the young men they are becoming.  I truly love this season of life.  I have no teenage drama or attitude yet really, but I also don't have to back diaper bags or tote sippy cups.

They can all fix their own easy food and cook a little.  They can clean bathrooms and wash their own clothes. No one is driving, but they are all getting riskier in that "male" kinda way.

I just repaired all the stockings we bought in 2003...7 years ago.  Garrison was 5, Alex was 2, and Trey was 1!  Garrison loved Spiderman, Alex loved Batman, and we found these ridiculous-looking stockings on this crazy clearance.  They were both so excited.  They stuck Trey with Superman and thought Daddy needed the Hulk.  (No, they did not have Wonder Woman for me, though that is who I aspired to be when I was a little girl! Yes, seriously...right before I wanted to be a truck driver with a monkey.  Nope, not kidding!)
No one would want these one except little boys who dream of doing something great and huge in the world!  And if you know me well, you know I wouldn't ever want to hang them up...and you have to know I have pretty ones to match the decor for that!  
But, I do fill these "Super Stockings" to the brim with goodies and love each year and set them out for Christmas morning.  I do love that they are a picture of "my boys" and a little piece of who they are and who they still secretly hope to who stand up for goodness and make a difference in a dark world, fighting for the oppressed and those who can't fight for themselves.

Garrison looked at them the other day and said, "Oh my gosh Mom, please don't hang those up because I am too old for that now!"  (Okay THAT almost got me to hang them up! giggle) But, I seriously got a little ole tear in my eye.

Seasons do indeed change...and we must embrace them when they do.

Goodnight friends


ParadiceMom said...

Isn't it sad how fast our children grow up. I almost didn't do a stocking for Nick this year, but remembered how much I still enjoyed them when I was a teenager. You're right, it is so much harder to stuff the stockings too, because their interests are so much more expensive. Samantha was easy, knee-high socks in funky designs!

Mindy said...

I was just telling my Mom how I missed getting a stocking...honey roasted peanuts, Reese's Cups, Life Saver Book...funny the memories we carry! My Mom and I decided we would fix one for each other next year! :)

Our family said...

My mom still does stocking for me & my sisters (and our husbands), so several years ago we decided as sisters that we would start filling stockings for my mom & dad each year. Its actually really fun to look for little things that I know they would each enjoy:-)