Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Catch-Up!

Here are the rest of the holiday pics.  Hope yours was as joyous as ours!

Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's house...
 Didi & Poppa with all their amazing grandsons!
 "The Gift Tree"...We voted to open gifts downstairs because there was more room, but my Mom was bummed because her Christmas tree is upstairs.   So...being the awesome kids we are...we built her a tree!  (giggle) (and we laughed hysterically as we did)

Our house Christmas morning...
 The boys started off on a scavenger hunt for their stockings. 
 If this picture doesn't feel full of warm fuzziness, it is because my children were grumpy at me! Yes, I know!  Why would anyone be grumpy at a sweet Mom who took the time to make stocking time so fun? people are perking up!  It just took a little weaponry to bring out some smiles I guess!
 Trey with one of the best games ever...SPOONS!
 A card shuffler because he gets so aggravated when he can't get his shuffle on!
 Boy Christmas must have: Lego
 A new DS game...
 favorite team gear...
 ...some new "ice" for Momma... :) :) :) :)
 ...and just when they think it's all over and  they are convinced they will have to keep saving up for the X-box  360 they want...what do they find in the closet??????????
 ...mmmmhhhhmmmmmmm...that's right! We ARE the best grandparents and parents ever!  hee hee
 They can't stand it when we pull one over on them!
 He can't believe it!
 Is it me...or do they look SOOOO much bigger than last year?
 And....let the playing begin!
 He's so happy!  He had been selling stuff to save up.  Such a good boy!
 Didi and Pop always come to watch those little faces!
 And God gave me snow!  Another present! :)  I love a white Christmas!

Christmas night with Tom's side of the family...
 Only one grandchild and the great-granddaughter missing  in this shot! Lot O kids when we get together peeps!
 Tom's youngest sis, Nikki, and Mom...Sandy
 Julie's hubby, Dusty and Erin's hubby Jason
 Tom with his Dad, Gary, and his Grandmother, Ina
 We were laughing at how much they look alike now that Tom has lost so much hair.  (Okay, well maybe we found it funnier than Tom, but he's a good sport!)
 Rebekah and Rob
 All the grandkids got Snuggies from Nana and Granddad...and Adalee was jumping up and down she was so excited!
 Trey loved his camo!
 Hadassah, Hannah, and Julianna...LOVE these girls!
 Ethan, Zephaniah, and Joshua...hard to capture boys!
 All the daughters got pink Bass Pro sweatshirts...but our ridiculous husbands were jealous I guess.  And for the record, my sweatshirt got ripped BEFORE I ever got to wear it!  I was NOT happy! (TOM!)
 Check out these lil cuties...Joleen, Lydia, and Gracie
 Garrison...given some praise to Jesus!!! :)

Opening presents with our Laurla...
 Some of my Treasures
Okay...CUTENESS ALERT:  So Laura always loved this little Abercombie t-shirt on Trey, so he put it away for her when he outgrew it and wrapped it up for her!  I know...sniffle, sniffle!  Sweetness!  And he put a picture of them in there too! 
 Laura loves to get her dance on, and Alex was so excited when we found A Dancing with the Stars workout video!  He also let her know that he would be her back-up plan! Hahahahahah...that was part of his present to her! Crack me up!  I love that boy!

Finally...New Year's Eve!

HAPPY 2011 EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!

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