Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Days Like Today

So much happens in one day of my life with these boys that it's hard to remember so that I can share with the world!

Here is just a wee sampling of the variety of conversational chatter from my day today (along with some pics of Lego creations because I found 35 of them on my camera, so they MUST be important to my boys and this will one day be their scrapbook so ya'll have to look):

"Why would a woman make a cast of her pregnant belly?  What would she even do with it?" said the radio broadcaster on KLOVE this evening.  Comments (identity protected to save some from embarrassment):  A fruit bowl for the table! A baby holder...hey, you know the baby will fit! A butt cup, you know Mom, like Garrison's sport cup, but different!  Something to put the diapers in! "Okay, guys, let's change the subject."
Then we have the, 'let's play a joke on Poppa when we think we ran out of ketchup':  My Mom and Dad graciously called and offered to pick anything up from the store we may need before the snow comes.  Sadly for my Dad I already had a list going in my mind...which Garrison relayed to my Mom, who relayed it to my Dad. 
Tonight, the boys think we are out of ketchup and that was NOT on the list, soooooo....Alex calls my Dad's cell and says, "You forgot the ketchup!"  Poppa insists that he did not and Alex replies, "Well, I guess Didi forgot to tell you, but we have to have ketchup Pop!"  Didi hops on the line, insisting she did NOT forget to tell him and Alex says, "Well, I guess Garrison forgot to tell you Didi, but you are gonna have to bring us some because I can't be snowed in without ketchup!"  He had them going, but finally tells them he is joking and that we had just realized we were out.

Now, to know my parents is to know that they WILL get ketchup to this child, so after I saw some in the pantry, I said, "Hey Al, you better call Didi and Poppa and tell them we do have some so they don't show up with it."  To this, Trey says, "No, don't tell em so we can see em. I haven't seen em in a long time. I miss em." Garrison replied, "Trey we just saw them Monday!" Trey shot back, "Well I need to see em Garrison!" I said, "Man, you all are spoiled rotten." Alex said, "Well, we can't help it. We have the best grandparents money can by!" I said, "What? All you do is spend their money!" He just smiled.  Mmmmhmmmm...rotten!  They know where their bread is buttered!  (Right Didi???)
Then tonight, as my day is grinding to a halt, I am reading Homer Price to Trey as he is drifting off to sleep.  There is an illustration on a page that is talking about four robbers who have guns.  Trey sits up wide-eyed and says, "Oh I think that's a Thompson...with a mafia barrel Mom.  Cool!"  Me:  staring at child like he is an alien.  Really?  How does he know that...and wasn't he almost asleep?  

Will I ever, ever, EVER understand these lil men?  I think I ask the Lord once a week why in the world He would have me live with all boys? Dirty, messy, smelly, rough boys?  Why?  Is this God's sense of humor you think?

I never know what a day may hold for me friends.

My sons, how I long to understand your maleness!  Sometimes it seems no matter how many books I read on how to be the best mom to boys, I feel no closer to understanding what makes you tick.  Many people tell me that I have it made having all boys.  They say boys are rowdy when they are young, but so much easier than girls when they are teenagers.  I hope they are right!  I really don't think the banter and horse-play will ever stop, remembering the grown boys I saw in the store with their mother.  One was sitting in the back of the cart and the other was standing on the front of it, racing down the aisle!  She just walked behind them shopping, like this was normal, everyday life.  I stood gawking and said aloud,       "  Oh my, it's never going to stop!"   She said, "  Nope."   I certainly don't understand the things that seem to bond you, but I have no doubt that when you are grown, you will be forever friends...and that warms my heart and makes me treasure days like today. ~Mom


Katie Ashcraft said...

so blessed to be home with all those boys... I have to pretend to be stay at home mom till 3pm :o( it's so cute what comes out of their mouth... I don't understand boys ( or men hahaha)either! I don't think we're meant to. One time my husband was wrestling with my son and I heard my baby going "ow ow ow" I don't like hearing him hurting. So I said "knock it off, you're hurting him" to my husband and my son cuts in "no mom this is good for me- this will toughen me up" what? I thought I was rescuing him. so I told them they had to wrestle when I'm not around cause I can't handle it LOL, love ya, Katie

The Broady's said...

Literally cracking up here! :) I love reading what conversation is like for you all...too comical. You are a great blessed they are to have you. I'm sure they see that now, but they will see it even more as they grow. Love to you!

Mindy said...

Well, happy to bring you laughter Kris. I certainly don't feel like a great mom, but I do try very hard...and that's all we can do. Thankfully we have Jesus carrying us huh? I can't wait to hear the stories of your babies as they grow!

Mindy said...

Katie! Yes I am so blessed to be with these guys. I have to remember that! That is a funny story and I have felt the exact same way! I finally got to where I realized it was better if I did not watch them play!