Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take Time

I'm looking out the window of my office at this very gloomy day, but my heart is bubbling with joy.  What a fun day I've had! 
 I took Adalee to the library for a few minutes this morning.  Her little face lit up when I showed her all the books for kids her age.  I thought she was going to squeal and jump up and down when I told her she could go pick  ANY one she wanted!  It was so simple, but so adorable!

We came home and enjoyed lunch and read-aloud time, she colored and made pictures right along side the boys...doing her "school."  
Now all I hear is the low hum of my laptop fan.  Adalee is sleeping and the boys are reading.  I cherish these moments I get to sit and ponder all these things in my heart.

My sons...never be too busy to teach and love another.  Don't get wrapped up in yourselves or meaningless hobbies to the point that others come after those things.  Life is short.  In the blink of an eye, it is over on the earth.  When someone, especially your wife or child, is vying for your attention, stop and think about what matters more and store up for yourself treasures in Heaven that moth and rust cannot destroy. It blesses my heart to watch you with your little cousins.  Never let that tenderness and kindness leave you boys. ~Mom

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