Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Cousins & Holding onto Hope

Last week I ended up with a house full of cousins so we had to play in the snow.  Yes, it did take 20 minutes to dress them for 15 minutes of playtime, but hey, that's okay because we made precious memories!  LOVE THESE KIDDOS!

Adalee and Caleb...the babies of the family...on a little joyride!
Hadassah helping me (thank goodness), but Caleb was not enjoying the sledding so much!
 His big brother, Zephaniah, loved it though!
And Judah was a natural his first time down on the snowboard!
Trey and Adalee just couldn't seem to stop eating snow!  I wish I would've thought to grab the snow cone syrup...how fun would that have been!  I'll have to remember that for next time...
But how can you get onto this sweet little face too much???
C'mon, seriously...is that one precious lil girl or what!
Taking a little rest while big sister drags her up the hill...what a princess huh?
Alex was just infatuated with the giant snowballs he could make...
...to, of course, throw at his baby brother!

My sons...always remember that in this life you will have trouble.  It's a promise.  There is no way around it sometimes.  However, you can still choose to be of good cheer and hold onto hope.  Don't let your circumstances or trials determine how you treat others.  Turn every tormenting thought into a prayer of praise because God can move any mountain.  Change your countenance and don't be a pouter! Your attitude will determine your altitude.  I pray you will always have the joyful, carefree spirits you have right now.  Keep your smiles beaming bright and never get too busy to play with the young people in your life or allow adult troubles to weigh you down.  Nothing can be accomplished by worrying so enjoy today.  Let the joy of the Lord be your strength!  ~Mom 

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Katie Ashcraft said...

Amen to that prayer mom! and just in the little bit of time of reading your blogs your boys DO seem bigger!and I forget your boys are pretty independent even at their ages which is GREAT!! alot of kids out there aren't given the responsibility they should be given. and before you give me too much credit I wasn't running outside! I HATE being cold! I run on my treadmil! take care, love ya, Katie... wish we had some more snow around here!!