Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nica 2 Update

Yesterday some of the ladies went to climb the volcano.  I almost went at the last minute, but I just didn't feel I should.  When they returned, I definitely knew why I was not supposed to go!  LOL  So evidently, it was as windy as it was last year, but the sliding down part was MUCH faster.  Let's just say a couple of ladies lost their boards and did some "behind" sliding and literally came home with no seat in their shorts!!!  CRACK ME UP! :D  I don't know if you will ever see photos of that floating around, but let me tell ya...they are hilarious!  On a serious note though, one of our darling translators, Carla, actually got her face cut open and our nurses had to butterfly it shut!  Volcano boarding is serious business my friends!  Oh and the funniest part...Erin's face when she walked in looking for me!  Ha!  I DID tell her it was HARD work, but she said I didn't tell her how bad it really was!  Of course I didn't tell her she would feel like she was dying and never gonna make it!  But it was very symbolic for her and spiritual!

After the ladies got back, we went to the beach.  So gorgeous you guys!  Sorry for those of you still in the snow! :D  We enjoyed hanging out together and a delicious meal at a hotel restaurant.  mmmmmm 

All day I fought a headache and by the time we got back, I was in tears.  Our nurses medicated me and I slept soundly, waking up a new woman!  Praise God for that!

Today we saw the first group of children.  These little treasures live at a dump the government gave them.  They are the worst off financially that we see.  The day ran smoothly and it was very sweet to my heart to see how much they have grown.  It's so fun to come back and remember things about them from the previous year!  We are building relationship, and in a country with the mentality that you should quit school and just work, the opportunity to look these children in the eye and tell them we believe in them and want them to stick with it...well, it's just an honor. 

We ended our day with a trip back to the church.  They had a youth service tonight and it rocked!  We white folk were drenched in sweat, but it was so fun dancing with our brothers and sisters in the Lord! 

Tomorrow we see another group of children.  I work with the medical team and that is such a joy for me! 

OH...almost forgot!  Morgan and I had a blast getting the Nicaraguans to "smell the cake" today!  Hee hee!  We all bring a cake mix and frosting because they don't have the kind we have here.  It's quite a treat for them, and we got some of the translators to see what it smelled like and then smashed it in their face!  It was hilarious!!!  They laughed so hard and we said, "Never, ever smell cake in the States!"

Great day!!!

Adios Amigos!

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