Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nica 3 update

This day was so wonderful!  I don't think words can capture how much I loved it!

I was up throughout the night with the stomach junk and had to pull myself outta bed this morning, but I desperately didn't want to miss the children.  I was feeling lots better just really tired.

I got going well though and truly enjoyed every minute of our day! 

I can't explain how much I love working with the medical team.  Carolyn and Maw are so precious to me!  But, being able to use the skills my degree is in is a treat because I found out I was pregnant with Garrison two weeks after I graduated from college and haven't worked away from home since (which I am completely thankful for).  We are off in a room where it is quieter and I really get to talk with the kids...well, as best I can in my Spainglish anyway!

It's amazing to come back and have them recognize you and want to hug you and tell you things.

We had some more fun getting some Nicaraguans to "smell the cake"...that never stops being funny!  :)

Erin, Morgan and I got to pick three students and put the shaving cream on their heads...which I helped turn into a shaving cream fight that the kids loved and not all of our team did, but oh was very entertaining...hahahahah!

So after the kids left, we were standing in the courtyard with shaving cream on us and Morgan and I decided to see if we could trick the translators!  LOL  We started speaking in tongues to each other and told Juan we were speaking in Swedish.  He said, "Your Swedish sounds a lot like my prayer language!"  We started laughing and said, "Yes that is what it is!"  He said, "You speak in tongues?  Me too!"  He was so excited.

The other translator, Chico, said, "I want to speak in tongues, but I can not."  I said, "Sure you can.  You want to pray and ask God for that gift?"  He said, "Yes."  I asked him if we could video it and he said sure.  So a few of us, all covered in our shaving cream, laid hands on him and prayed and he received and started speaking it out!  It was amazing to share that with him and Juan.  They are wonderful young men, who love the Lord and love to help bridge the barrier of language!

Let's see...then some of us went into town and got some shopping done, which is always a fun learning experience. 

We made it home in time for Nicaraguan pizza...very delicious!  Then some friends dropped in to say hello!  I didn't meet this family last year, but the husband translated for the team the year before.  I sat with his wife and her cousin at the women's luncheon the other day.  We quickly became friends and when she visited tonight, she brought me two gifts from her cousin!  How sweet is that!

Their son is 13 and daughter is 6, and I fell in love with both of them immediately!  We played and laughed.  You should hear me trying to talk with these people!  It's ridiculous, but I am determined to connect.  I LOVE IT!  They get lots of laughs anyway! 

I adore this culture.  Everyone is so friendly and warm.  They are affectionate and forgiving!  I can't express the joy I feel being here. 

The little girl was getting sleepy and she let me hold her until it was time to leave.  I walked her to the door and waved goodbye.  A few seconds later she ran back in and very shyly, handed me her Daddy's bracelet that says 'Glory to Glory Ministries'...who he works for. 

It was so, so precious.  I will treasure it forever!  I can't believe how God knits our hearts with others when we allow Him.

I can't stop smiling!

And I thank my husband so much for holding things together and celebrating the call God has on my life!  I thank all of you who supported me to be able to come here.  I know you will share in the rewards of what is taking place this week.

Te ama mi amigos!  xoxo

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