Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nicaragua-First Days-2011

We are here and settled in!  Praise God our travel was smooth.  We got out on our original date this detours through San Salvador on a twin-prop plane! 

I have to say after NO SLEEP the night before, flying all day, then a drive in a van to our destination, I was WAY over moving!  Thankfully, our evening was spent relaxing!

Today some of the ladies picked up their sponsored girls and spent some time with them.  The rest of us stayed at the house and bagged gifts for the women of our "home church" here, Rosa de Saron.

We arrived at the church and upon walking in, we saw all these beautiful sisters in the Lord scattered about tables.  We were drawn to mingle and find seats amongst them, trusting God to open the doors of friendship and help us cross any boundaries!

Within about 15 minutes, Jessica and I had exchanged email addresses with a couple ladies at our table and joked about Jessica's hair sticking up like a rooster!  :D  We could barely understand one another, but God has ways of forming relationships that astound us humans.  We just have to step out in faith and believe He will move!

Was it a bit uncomfortable to walk into a room full of people we really don't know and can't communicate easily with?  You betcha!  But, faith is the substance of things HOPED for and NOT YET seen! 

God met us here!

The overwhelming response of our team about the luncheon today was this:  we went there expecting to be a blessing...expecting to minister TO these lovely ladies, but instead felt like we walked away with the greater blessing!  Such is usually the case on a mission trip!

At the end, these ladies were asked by their leader to come up and pray for us, and though not many of us knew what they were saying, the passion and intensity...the genuine sincerity that they prayed over us with, could only be described as something supernatural.  Yes, the Holy Spirit was most certainly there with us. 

When you step your feet on foreign soil...when you come into a strange culture, you cannot help but fight some insecurity, wondering what in the world you could possibly have to offer!  But, what God has laid upon my heart while preparing for this trip is that His grace (His empowerment) is sufficient for us and HIS power is made PERFECT in our weaknesses.

What do we have to fear?  If He calls, He will equip.  If we step out, He shows up.  If we obey, He blesses.

Tomorrow morning (later this morning actually), 7 of our team members will go climb a volcano (I'm passing this time).  This sounds like a fun adventure, and it is for sure.  However, for me last year, the experience went way beyond something in the natural.  God used it to show me that I hold within me what it takes to accomplish big things.  Hard things that feel like they are insurmountable and suffocating!

Our God supplies for ALL our needs.  ALL.

I know each lady here fought battles just to get to Nicaragua.  The enemy tried to come in like a flood against all of us in some way or another.  But greater is HE in us than the evil ones in this world!  We are here.  We will make a difference because with God, ALL things are possible.

Goodnight world


Katie Ashcraft said...

wow- you are inspiring... sounds like a wonderful experience you are having... wow is all I can say! love ya and take care, Katie... oh and sorry your little guy is having braces pain not fun at all but it does get easier!

Mindy said...

thanks Katie! You inspire me as well! That's what this walk is all about right? As iron sharpens iron!