Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh My...Lately...

1:43 in the morning...awake...waiting to be picked up in a couple hours so I can get to the airport by 4.

I have to say that I am VERY ready to get back to Nicaragua where time seems to slow down!

Last week, Garrison got his braces on and let me tell ya, I was NOT prepared for how much pain the child would be in.  If you have an orthodontist tell you that your child may experience some pain, but many patients don't hurt much...just go ahead and prepare yourself for the worst.  I'm not saying expect the worst, but at least mentally prepare that it could happen!  It has to be better than expecting little pain and then watching your child cry and not eat!

Sheeeeez!  Not fun my friends...NOT FUN!

Through all of that, I also dealt with continuous migraines.  Evidently, there is this bone in my neck that won't stay put and when it moves out of alignment, OH MY GOODNESS! PAIN!

These nasty headaches sometimes last 48 hours and when your hubby works out of town a lot and you homeschool your children...well, let's just say things quickly go south for everybody!

Seriously, I was in so much pain the other day, I just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up!  I don't know how people live through chronic pain that doesn't stop.  I was lying there with tears rolling down my face wondering if all my boys would remember when they got older is their momma in bed with an ice pack on her head!

I HATE IT!  It steals entire days of my life!  It makes me angry!

And my boys are so sweet.  They check on me and pray for me, but it just aggravates me that our lives end up revolving around this pain!  And yes, I have thought about how much worse things could be and it does help put it in perspective, but still, it's robbing us of precious time and I want it to stop!  I literally cannot even think clearly when I'm in the midst of these headaches!

I was dealing with one the other day while Tom was away...and Garrison has braces that are coming loose and falling off his teeth...and I am trying to talk to the doctor's staff about Alex.  Oh my!  That was something.  No matter how hard I tried, she just wasn't connecting what I was saying!  

The optometrist found scarring on Alex's right eye so she sent him to an ophthalmologist.  He has histoplasmosis, which basically is a fungal infection that many people get in the Ohio River Valley.  Most people never show symptoms.  His eye is okay as long as the scars don't start bleeding.  ("Uh...hmmm...I'm sorry.  What now?  My son's eye may start what?  Did you say bleeding Doctor?"  Oh okay, no problem :/)

I decided to read up on it just to make sure I understood and some symptoms under disseminated histoplasmosis (this is the chronic form that has been in the body for a while) caught my attention...headaches, intestinal issues, ulcers in the mouth.  Alex has complained of these ailments a lot in the last couple months especially.  We have been trying to get his allergies under control and really just thought it was all because of that.

Now, I am not so sure it isn't from this fungal infection...that maybe it has caused problems with other parts of his body.  But, the poor lady at the Dr.'s office just kept focusing on the eyes and saying, "Well, the Doctor doesn't know much about the eyes..."  I wanted to scream!  We have the eye part figured out.  It's the other parts we need checked!

So...yeah...we need some guidance as to where we go from here.  I had to get off that phone before I said something I would regret later.  We are probably going to just take the boys to a new pediatrician at this point.  We've heard good reports about her.  

I'm thinking this mission trip is going to be outstanding with all the enemy has thrown at us lately!  I'm hoping to reconnect with God in a much needed way right now! 

Talk to you soon friends...

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Jill said...

Praying you have a great trip! It really sounds like it has been a rough week...I hope you ALL have a great week, and that your time on your trip is just what you need!