Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Weekend Scoop (I Peed My Pants!)

Friday we went shopping at the outlet center and hit some GREAT deals for the ever-growing boys of our flock.  Then, we met up with our friends, Laura and her mom, Carol...and Autumn and Justin and their new baby boy Maddux!  He is so very handsome, and as always, Autumn made me laugh hysterically recounting her birth and family stories!   

At the end of our time, Alex got up to move his chair from where he had held Laura's sweet mother captive with his chatter about who knows what and the whole seat of the chair came off in his hands! 

No joke!

You just have to know this would happen to Alex!  Predicaments like this just have a way of finding my son it seems!
Since I happened to have the camera in hand, I just had to snap the picture!  Isn't this funny?  Trey holding the seat in his hand and pointing at Al like, "It was him Mom, not me!"  Alex, always taking advantage of a shining moment, getting ready to flex his muscles like he accomplished something great.


Saturday morning, Tom's sis, Rebekah invited me out with her to get her hair done.  We had lunch and went by to see their cousin's new baby girl.  Then we decided we would just grab our groceries together...a much more exciting way to grocery shop!  Seriously...grab a gal pal and go ladies!

What started out as a morning at the hair salon turned into not getting home until 3:30!  We still don't know how this happened, BUT, I have the BEST husband in all the land!  He had laundry all over the living room in piles folded and to be folded, had the boys doing chores, and had steaks marinating!  Nope, I'm not even foolin' ya!  All I had to do was clean the kitchen and start preparing the rest of dinner.  How sweet is my guy? 

I hopped up the street to Rebekah's house and had the ABSOLUTE joy of helping my two adorable nieces and their friend get ready for their very first school dance.  Their mommas seemed unaffected by this event, but I was nearly in tears and thrilled to my core that they invited me to share this experience!  They looked beautiful!

I cannot even fathom what their weddings will evoke in my heart.  I have gotten so close to these sweet girls.  I wonder if I would care so much if I did have daughters of my own.  Perhaps I appreciate them...cherish their femininity more because it's not the norm for me?  Hmmm....

After our other sister took the girls to the dance, Rebekah, Rob, Ethan, and Adalee shared our delicious steak dinner with us.  I hit the shower, hoping for a good night of rest before church the next morning.

Well...that didn't happen.  I had this ridiculous dream that merged all the things I had been doing in the recent days.  Tom's dad was in it and was dressed like Christopher Columbus...with powder blue tights, girly boots, a flowy shirt...and he was strutting like a rooster.  He thought he looked good you guys!

In my dream, I grabbed Tom's arm and said, "What is your dad wearing?  The children are laughing at him!"  Except, well, I had literally grabbed him in real life and woke him up!

I was so disoriented trying to wake up when Tom started talking to me!  I was laughing so hard I cannot even explain.  Seriously, I have NEVER laughed so hard EVER, and I am not even kidding friends!

I ran to the bathroom so I wouldn't have an accident, but when I got back in bed and started trying to tell Tom, I got tickled all over again and could not stop laughing!  I thought I was going to hyperventilate or have an asthma attack for real!  My stomach was in spasms!

I knew I needed to get back to the bathroom but then my leg was all wrapped up and stuck in the sheet and yep, I did...I flat peed my pants trying to get outta there ya'll!  


All this in the middle of the night peeps!  It was something.  Now, I am a deep sleeper and after I calmed down, I was right back to sleep.  I don't know if my dear husband got any shut eye at all!  If he had only known what he was saying "I do" to right???

Sunday was a big day for our family too.  Tom's sis, Erin, and her husband were set in as Senior Pastors of the church we have been attending.  Jason's parents founded the church some years ago.  Gregg and Trina were brought in when the family went through some heartache and Jason's parents stepped down.  

For four years, about half the people in the church have driven up to 45 minutes to attend and support this body of believers (us included).  Pastor Gregg and Pastor Jay now feel it is God's time to separate locations.  In March, we will begin having services closer to where we live and be able to more effectively impact our local community.

This is bittersweet for me.  I love all my church family so much.  My flesh wants us all to remain together, but God is enlarging us and that is how it should be.  The easy choice of my flesh would be to stay with my family as my leadership.  Erin was my sister long before I married her brother!  In her leadership, I feel safe.  But, God is still walking me through issues of healing, and I must trust Him.

I don't have enough wonderful words to describe my love for my Pastors, Gregg and Trina.  I may not have the security of natural family with them, but family they have become to me.  God has and will continue to knit our hearts with them and their children.  He knew exactly where Tom and I needed to be...what we needed to learn.

It made no natural sense that Tom and I be at that church, and the way and timing in which it happened stunned many of us.  However, God knows His plans, and He intervenes in perfect timing.  We have thrived and will continue to praise the Lord!

Yesterday I was blessed to spend the day with Erin, and we were afforded the opportunity to talk like sisters.  I am so proud of her!  It's been an honor to watch God's hand on her life...from a pesky adolescent to a rebellious teen to a humbled young woman to a leader of youth to devoted momma to speaking to the nations and now to stepping into senior leadership!

Look what the Lord can do!

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Nikki Brown said...

How does that not suprise me with you... lol.. And wow look at the boys... they are getting so big. I remember when alex used to say" i'm the boss, you the baby!" Or when we would tell a joke and garrison would try to figure it out.... And when trey would run around the kitchen to sit in the chair for the blues clues song... Now look at them. It is crazy how time flies. well talk to you later chica.. love you guys