Thursday, March 17, 2011

Basghetti on a Beautiful Day

I am so thankful for this absolutely beautiful, warm day!

Everyday, my friend Amanda comes by after she gets out of class to work out with me.  It has been lovely to get outside for walks.  Our friend, Holly, even joined us today!

I worked on school with my guys and Adalee...yes, she does "school" now, and she thinks she is big stuff!  She is actually extremely smart and thirsts for knowledge so she is a joy to teach anything to!  This week, she started reading three-letter-words!

Adalee also loves to help me cook, so I try to make things she can help with on the days she is here.  Today we made some spaghetti for lunch while the boys and Amanda finished their schoolwork.

 Alex cuddled up reading a book
 Trey "supervising" Adalee...guess he feels he needs someone to boss around since he is usually the youngest!

Look how easy it is to bring a smile to this little face!
 Alex was in charge of noodles!
 "Painting" garlic butter on our bread...

 How blessed am I to get to spend my days with these amazing kids!
 Chopsticks for "basghetti" anyone?

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