Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breaking Boards & Gettin' Belts

Well, it's been exciting around here!  The boys are learning how to break boards in their martial arts class!  I haven't even gotten to blog about them starting the class and here they are breaking stuff in half!  (hee hee)
 Alex was the first one to break through!  Uncle Rob was with the boys that night so Tom and I missed it, but we were happy to receive the cell phone photo!  My first thoughts:  Wow...he broke a board!  Cool!  Oh, but scary!

This event did, however, seem to pep all the boys up about what they were actually learning.  

THEN, their uniforms arrived.  Look at my cute lil ninjas!  That's cousin Ethan stuck in there between Al and Trey. 
Who in the world is gonna mess with these guys huh?!!!
 (Xander...always the showman!  Yes, they all have lots of nicknames, but that's what comes out when I'm typing so you guys have to learn them all. tee hee)

Last week Garrison broke a board! No picture, but here is a video of it.  Ethan tried, then Alex tried, and then G finished the job.  (My little neighborhood watch program is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself!)

Here, the classmates are all signing the board with Master Hart looking on.  I will just insert here that Alex actually signed the board "Crappy Dude."  

Why Alex?...Why?  Why?  Why?  (Training, training, training!)  Alex just loves to try to get a reaction from take note:  if he ever pulls this on you, don't fall for it.  Just stay cool, calm, and collected. 

Okay, moving on to last night...I was engrossed in a book, and when I looked up, Garrison and Trey had their white belts!  How pathetic was I to miss that!  But, at least I was there to capture the moment (after).  
They were pretty excited!  Look at lil Ethan back there peeking around G.  Love that boy!  (And even though I have to tackle him and hold him down to get some sugar, I just know that he will look back on his childhood and remember how much Aunt Mindy loved him!)  (smile)

On a serious note, I can't say enough great things about this martial arts deal.  For real, it has been a good thang for our family.  I LOVE being able to go to ONE location and have all THREE kids involved in something.  I love that this is something that helps them focus, teaches them self-control and discipline, and will allow them to be able to defend themselves if they should ever need to!  The instructors are wonderful.  They are patient and really care about the kids.  

A cute story before I we walk out of class last night and Trey says, "Yes! I got my white belt!  Hey Mom, can I sleep with you tonight?"  

This just sounded so funny to me.  I was laughing so hard!  All manly in his new belt, but then wanting to sleep with his momma while his daddy is away.  I dunno just made me laugh.  

So I said, "Trey, I don't think white belts get to sleep with their moms."  

Alex piped up, "I didn't get a belt so I can still sleep with her!"

Trey responded, "No Alex, I should sleep with her because I can protect her more!"

I love my life!

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