Friday, March 4, 2011


It's 6 A.M.  Husband's phone did something and woke me up around 3ish.  Sigh.

So...what's a girl to do when she is up in the middle of the night, trying to be quiet...after she has prayed and tried to fall back to sleep? 

Catch up on correspondence of course! 

I love to read my friend's blogs.  I love being able to see their children and identify with their life stories.

I don't know why we find so much comfort in seeing and hearing about other people's struggles and triumphs.  I guess God just created us that way.  That's fellowship right? 

We need each other.  We need to be picked up when we fall down, encouraged when we face our flaws, protected when we feel vulnerable...

I just find myself thankful this early morning that God, in His infinite wisdom, knew we would need help.  I'm thankful for the gift of friendship today.

I'm thankful for technology and for being able to connect to other women all over the world!

In these wee hours, I have enjoyed everything from baby's first bites of cereal to Cambodian apartment living to reminders that we must stand for our freedom and faith.

I love all the things that make us "US."

~My Sons...It seems that every time I begin to write to you in this blog, my first thoughts are "Never be to busy to..."  I guess that's because life is just busy.  People everywhere have some kind of work to do...a to-do list of tasks.  Life must go on, but we have to be aggressive in our time management.  Friendships, real ones, take work.  I was reminded this week of how fragile people can be in their hearts.  We have the need to feel loved and treasured.  We go through hard times, but we cannot expect others to know what we need from them.  We have to work diligently at communicating honestly and openly about what we desire, need, and expect.  We cannot be people who walk around offended when we don't get what we want. 

As I have told you for years, James says that the basis of all our quarrels is selfishness.  I had the opportunity this week to take offense at one of my friends because she got offended that her needs were not being met.  I could have chosen to distance myself from her, talk about her, avoid the entire situation...any number of things.  But, I chose instead to humble myself and go to her privately, in true love, and explain that her assumptions, even though they may not have been aimed at me personally, hurt my feelings.  I was able to share with her that in the past, I processed things the way she was processing them at this time and how God has shown me a better way.  I have so much more compassion and understanding toward others now.  It took work, conscious choices, and laying down my selfishness, but I can say that I have really great relationships with people.  I can say it's all been worth it.  I can also say I know I still hurt people and fail, but at least there is progression and it's not on purpose! 

And boys...don't buy into the lie that guys can't communicate openly like this!  That's just a bunch of macho bull from this culture.  Don't be like the world.  Be like Jesus.  Love others the way you wanna be loved.  Care enough to get to the truth and not assume and accuse others.  Show yourself friendly and you will have friends.  Be genuine.  Nobody really likes fake when it comes down to it!  Make time to show you care and truly...never be too busy to be there for a friend.

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