Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 10th Alexander!

A decade old...really?  

I surely don't know how this is possible!

I guess somehow amidst all the diapers, sippy cups, potty training, schooling, and running, I blinked and my little Chubs Lightyear was growing up!
I truly cannot imagine how the moms who have to go to work feel.  I have been here for every first everything.  I have watched this little boy nearly every single day from birth, yet I still feel like it has went by in a flash, and I just can't treasure it all enough.

 I can definitely say I enjoyed Alex's infancy the most.  Garrison was big enough to do a lot on his own and that afforded me quality time with Alex.  
He was such a happy baby with few illnesses or issues.

He loved to be held and rocked, cuddled, read to, and played with.
When Trey came along, Alex was 18 months old and was not excited about sharing his momma!  Thankfully, Trey preferred daddy anyway.  God knew what we needed.

Alex was such a funny toddler.  He gave us many laughs at trying to sing songs and his giggle (which we can still hear today if we tickle him just right) was contagious.
Somehow this sweet boy often found himself in the middle of a mess.  His curiosity truly was to blame, but how he exhausted us!

From tissues all over the house to ink circles drawn on the new leather sofa and walls of the hallway at his eye bites out of every Nestle powder chocolate mountains all over the kitchen...the boy kept himself busy! 
Busy thinking, creating, imagining, and doing...but not trying to cause problems...simply finding himself in the middle of them.

And just when I would think there is no way I can make it through this child, he would always do something or say something that would make me laugh.  God knew what we needed.
I can't say Al has changed much.  

He still manages to be in the middle of mayhem, seldom trying to create problems.  He still makes it hard for me not to laugh, but these days I am recognizing that he also likes to try to mess with people too.  
It's okay.  I get it.  I understand all too well because I know where he gets it. (smile)
People like Alex and me...well, we like fun and funny and we like to get people a little worked up for our own entertainment. 
We like to see laughter and not take things so seriously.  The best thing to do with people like us is not show reaction because, well, if we know it works, we are gonna do it again you guys!

Alex~I don't really know how to share with you all the joy you bring me.  I also won't bring me nearly as much frustration on some days, but I am thankful that I have had such intimate time with you, for I have learned your heart.  I know that your intention is not to hurt.  God has given you a of humor and joy.  I see the enemy of your soul trying to work against you...trying to pull you, but I know that God's hand is upon you.  I know that He has anointed you to break off heaviness on others.  He has put inside you something that draws others to you and somehow helps them to just feel better by being around you.  Your wit and jovial ways help break through hearts of stone, and I know that in the future, God will show you how to use that to help humanity.  I thought when you were little that maybe I would like you to be different...maybe more like your big brother.  But it didn't take long to realize that we needed you just the way you are.  We need you to balance our up-tight anxiousness.  We need you to lighten us up and you need us to keep you grounded.  Yes, my son, you are just what we need to be "  us."    I knew from the day you dunked your head in the toilet THREE times in a row that you wouldn't always be easy to guide, but I knew from the day I looked into your dark chocolate eyes that you would be easy to love.  Happy, happy 10th birthday Alexander Stephen Reynolds.  


Katie Ashcraft said...

chubs lightyear??? I laughed out loud! he's now a double digit midget (I know that's not politically correct!) that's what I called my kids on their 10th b-days! Alex was such an adorable baby! Happy birthday little man from your never-have-met-in-person-before friends in washington! love ya, Katie and family!!!!!

ZimboUSA Girl said...

I remember Alex loving on Brendon and Andy when we came over that day to play with the Lincoln Logs that now Andy and Danny enjoy so much. He is precious!

Mindy said...

Katie-thank you~! We can't wait to visit with you...sometime in the next couple years girl!

Mindy said...

Julie! sniff, sniff :( I remember that day so well. I remember just watching Brendon and just praying that I would never, ever forget that beautiful smile. How glorious our Heaven play date will be all together!!! I love you friend.

The Broady's said...

Oh my gooness...those were some cute pics. I did not get to see him when he was a 'little guy.' You are blessed. :)