Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Pics!

I love sitting here in my office with my curtains blowing in the breeze of the open window!  It's so nice to see sunshine!

We had a great time with friends this weekend.  We just started our new church at a closer location...meeting on Saturday nights.  It's nice to come together and then be able to have a relaxing dinner.

Laura was in town this weekend and took some spring photos for us:

Here's Skinny G showing off his big gun!  He's about a 1/2 inch short of looking me in the eye now. CRAZY!  Wasn't he just my lil boy following me all over the place and talking my head off???  Well, at least he still talks my head off!  Now he just sounds like he has a cold with his intermittent sounds of puberty hoarseness!  He seriously confused his dad when he called home the other day! 
Oh my...there is so much I wanna say about this boy, but I will hold that til his birthday post!  I'm sure you can catch a little glimpse of what I'm thinking though!  Alex has really shot up lately too.  Trey was almost caught up with him, but then Alex took off again.  So symbolic of their relationship!
It's wild to me how this photo captures his in-between baby and young man face!  Maybe you just have to be momma to see it!
Even though they are all growing like weeds, I am happy to report that they still love their mom!  I have no trouble getting cuddles out of any of them!
Xane likes to pretend to put up a fuss when I tackle him with kisses, but just the other day he took a nap with me on the couch so whatever...he's not foolin me!
Trey-Trey doesn't care one bit who sees him lovin' on his momma!  He rarely walks by me without kissing my hand and telling me he loves matter what I am busy doing!  Sometimes I feel a lil smothered, but I'm thinking I better treasure that up while I can right?
I just can't believe how tall my "twins" are!  For so long they just looked so much alike people seriously thought they were twins.  Don't you love the spiked hair too? 
Here's a family shot with the pup who could use a little hair gel or something of her own...what a mop!  Not long before all these boys pass me up.  I wonder if they will pass up Dad too.
And another one minus dog
And last but never least, me and my girl!  I treasure you Laurla!  Thanks for the good time this weekend.  Sorry you were a lil sick!


Katie Ashcraft said...

wow what a GREAT looking family!!! those boys do look big... it's the wierdest thing when Kent passed me up... about 4-5 inches now. so when I have to be stern with him and looking up being stern is a little wierd!!! kids are such a blessing!

Jill said...

Love the pictures! The boys ARE getting so tall! Goodness!