Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is Real Life's amazing how fast time goes by.  I've been intending to share some things on here, but life "fires" (as my friend, Leah Ann calls them) keep happening, and I have to stop to put them out!

Since Alex's birthday post, here's a glimpse of my life:  I have had a freak-out moment of thinking all my photos were deleted...had one kid with strep which ruined multiple birthday parties...spent an afternoon in urgent care because of some weird symptoms...had a trip to the homeschool convention in OH that was planned for months changed at the last minute...worked out that mess, went to the convention, learned a few things, and realized I would never want to return to that one again...engaged in an eye-opening conversation...grown in patience and understanding...been absolutely rattled by the break-in of my neighbor's home while they were sleeping (this happened to me when I was young...twice)...had someone accuse my husband and me of something they think happened instead of asking us, which just plain makes me sad...had an ADT system installed...and am currently overcoming a ridiculous cold virus that doesn't amount to much, but has sure zapped my energy...or maybe ALL of this junk has zapped my energy! hee hee

All the while, I have somehow continued schooling my children, despite the frustration I have felt by their "spring fever" that seems to have hit and distracted them from completing assignments well or remembering how to do the same chores they have been doing for nearly three years!

I have had many joyful moments during these valleys an awesome visit to the Creation Museum, spontaneous dinners and visits with family and friends, great talks with my boys, catch-up conversations with friends, Bible studies, moments to draw closer to neighbors, working with 1st through 5th graders at church, and maybe my favorite...cuddles with my husband. 

I hope to share soon some of the things I took away from the convention.  Right now, I have two boys asking me for help though. Back to school for me. (smile)  There's nothing I would rather be doing!