Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Bird Conclusion

What a blast we have had watching these little creatures!  We took photos each day.  Enjoy seeing how they continued to change.

 This has been such a wonderful experience! It was 13 days from hatching until the last little bird flew the coup!  As you can see, the bigger they got, the messier my window became!  A pressure-washing is much needed now.  But, wow!  How amazing to have a front-row seat to this development. It was so cute watching them fight over a worm, learn to make sounds, get a feel for their wings, and get the courage to take off and soar! We finally figured out the skinnier bird with the longer neck was the dad and the mom was still a little chubbier.  The parents didn't hang out at the window much at first when we would look.  Eventually they became used to us and didn't fear.  I loved watching the last little one trying to get the courage to leave.  The dad stayed on the deck railing and paced back and forth chirping.  It made me think of a little child who is afraid to jump into the pool, and the dad keeps coaxing!  Sadly I didn't get to see any one of the four babies fly off, but I sure miss them.  (I will not miss their nasty little mess though!)

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