Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The New Babies!

It's wonderful when you get a homeschool project that you don't even have to plan or work for!

The last week of April, as I was doing the dishes, I noticed a bird on the window ledge behind the sheer curtain.  I pulled the curtain back and to my delight, there was a robin looking into her nest which contained four blue eggs! (You can click on the pictures to make them larger.)
I immediately yelled for the boys and Adalee and we were all very excited!  I mean, it was RIGHT there for us to watch!

We waited and waited while she sat and sat.
THEN...on the morning of Garrison's birthday, I found the babies hatched!

And Momma found me finding them!
Isn't she cute!  I love her look like, "What do you think you are doing?"

They were so tiny.  I had never seen baby birds before. They didn't even look real!  Adalee told Nanny she had naked birds at Aunt Mindy's house!

We have been watching them grow each day.  They like to eat A LOT!
One wakes up...
Then he wakes up his brothers...
And there she is...just like a good mom...already prepared to take care of her babies.  See the worm sticking out of her beak?
And like most brothers, they fight over the food!

They change so quickly...even from morning to night they look different!
Their skin is turning gray here.
Can you see the one sticking his neck out?  That's because they are barely fitting in the nest!  They are getting covered with fuzz and their gray skin is turning black.

And Mom just keeps hunting for food and bringing it back.  I think her newborns are making her tired!

The internet says that about two weeks after hatching they leave the nest.  We are keeping a close eye!  I pray I can catch them as they leave!  We will let you know.


EK said...

Those WIDE open mouths are absolutely AmAzInG!!! : ) Symbolic of how needy our kids are at times, huh?!? Hope you see them fly away~that will be bittersweet!!!

The Broady's said...

Oh my goodness...that is so stinkin cool! Great science observations! Check that one off your! We had some eggs in our back yard in one of the trees, but we think a squirrel got them. :( How neat...I am showing Adders these pictures. :)