Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Random Recent Pics

Here are some pics from Garrison's birthday celebrations...
 13 PANCAKES!!! (He didn't want to eat them all!) (And he didn't really want me taking his picture!)
A family dinner out at Roosters...his fave restaurant to get wings.  Tom gave him the NBA XBox game he wanted.

 He couldn't stop watching the games on the TV screens to pose for his momma!
 My nephew had a whole group of waitresses come sing to him...even though that restaurant doesn't usually do that!
 He didn't want this chocolate thing.  He wanted apple pie!
 So he shared with his baby brother...ahhhh!  Trey LOVES chocolate!
 This is our friend Donovan.  It was his birthday too!

 A sleepover and almost was Derby Day here and the lanes they were going to were not open! They made the best of it though!

I took these next two just because I looked up from reading during school one day and this is what I saw.  The camera was next to me so I thought I would snap a memory of what "school" looks like to me!

And last...while Rebekah and I were having Bible Study one Monday night, the cousins decided they were hungry for some sugar cookies!  Here they are "baking"...if that is what you can call the rowdy mess that was goin' down in my kitchen.  They made some BIG cookies too!

 Love good memories (and good cookies)!

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