Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Events

Our spring season has been interesting, not only because of the wacky weather, but just a lot of "stuff" going on...good stuff, bad stuff, and just "whatever" stuff!  

I haven't had a lot of extra time, but now I am sitting in the quiet hotel...away for my 15th wedding anniversary so I thought I would catch up!

The boys have had sleepovers with cousins and played til exhaustion...

I often catch this going on outside my office window...fort building.  I have resorted to giving the boys 2-way radios so I can keep track of them. It works great in the house too...keeps all of us from yelling!

Do you see the baseball bat sticking out of the box???  That is for protection!  Yeah, watch out...they know karate AND have a metal stick!  Believe me, they know how to use it too!

We went to a homeschool convention in Cincinnati.  The whole family was supposed to go, but plans got switched up and we ended up just taking Garrison and his friend Nathaniel.  

The boys had special teen talks to attend, so for the first time, I allowed my son to walk around a large venue like that without me!  (Gasp! I still can't believe we are at this point!  I am working on cutting that cord one tiny string at a time people!)  They had a phone and truly, they have both proven totally responsible and trustworthy so, well...it was time. (Sniff, sniff)  I didn't make a big deal of it, but I was giggling/shuddering inside when Garrison said, "I LOVE the freedom this wrist bracelet gives me!" 

Our good friends, Chris and Crystal, along with their adorable baby (who I did not click a pic of dern it!), happened to be in Cinci for a Red's game so we met up for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the grown-ups in their bibs and of course our awesome boys!  

 Nathaniel's birthday party went on while Garrison had strep throat so we thought we should celebrate late while we had Nathaniel captured!  It was quite enjoyable watching him ride a stick horse around the restaurant while they sang Happy Birthday to him!  (hahahahahaha...he may not go out to eat with me anymore, but he was a great sport for my entertainment!)
Let's see...oh yes, then there was Easter.  That was a great day!  I didn't get a lot of photos because I just wanted to relax that day, but here are a few from outside my parent's church.

When we were leaving, I happened to look over and realize that Tom and Trey were dressed alike!  I always say Trey is the most like Tom!  They did not plan this...so I rest my case.
I found this on my camera...Trey and Alex's attack on the Peep Bunnies!  Guess they wanted multi-colored ones instead and interchanged their parts!
Pretty huh? (smile)

I also found these...

No real mystery why when I dropped Alex off to my mom today he had schoolwork he needed to catch up on! (Love that boy!)

Now, here are some must-sees of my sweet girl READING!  I'm not even kidding.  She is amazing me, and I absolutely love the time I get with her!  We made a puppet, which she named Allie the Artist, to help her read her "ladders."

Can you even stand that cuteness!!!

Okay, you have to stop now because I have to move on to our visit to Nashville or we will never get done!  We went to see our friends from our Navy days...Angelia, Phillip, Jacob, Chandler, and Annabelle before they move!

We had a blast, and we even had sunshine!  Phillip ran his first ever marathon while we were there.  I cannot imagine running for 4 straight hours or wanting to, but he did it and we cheered!

Congrats Phillip!

Here are all the boys waiting for the finish...

Quite a posse we have there I know!

They took us to the cutest little frozen yogurt place that was DEEEE-LI-CIOUS!  Oh my goodness, goood stuff!  You pick your yogurt and then add all these yummy toppings!

 Don't we look happy and full!
Okay, this is lil Miss Annabelle!  I so wish I had remembered to take more photos while we were having so much fun because here she is crying and usually she isn't!  But, what a sweet, sweet, precious baby girl!  I know we would be great friends if we lived closer.  I can just tell!  I fell in love with her!

Alright...last for this post, just some shots we took waiting for dad to get ready for a family day we had.
 The good boy working up until the minute we leave!
 The jokester who was running around with the camera!
 Cuddle-Bug who didn't want to leave my side!
 Their favorite Mom! (hee hee...like they have a choice!)

 I'm taking applications for who gets this little gentleman!
 The sleepy puppy who loves to sun bathe!
 But then her friend dropped by...
Pretty much our other dog (Tom's sister's dog).  She hangs out with us when her family is gone.

Okie dokie...now stay tuned because hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pics of our new babies!!!

You're curious aren't you?  Well, you have to wait because Tom is here to take me to dinner!

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