Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whose Opinions Are You Living For?

Enjoying summer days before school starts back.  I wish it wasn't so hot, but I do love pool time...always have.  Garrison is like hour tops and they are done.  Not me!  Nope, I could stay in the pool all day with a good book...probably why God hasn't opened the door for me to get one yet!  hee hee

I have never put homeschool planning off this long.  Usually I have the next year planned by spring of the year before!  I dunno what is different really.  I am seeing myself just relaxing more all around.  I think it's a good thing, but maybe it's making me procrastinate a bit too much.  Not sure yet...I'll let ya know!  (smile)

Anyway, I do have a plan down now, though I still need to study up on how to record high school credits.  It seems that my firstborn wants to graduate asap.  He is so driven and motivated...wise beyond his years.  Such an easy child to parent in most ways...though his leadership anointing is going through some tempering lessons right now.  I told him not too long ago that I felt sorry for his kids.  He asked why, and I said, "Because you are going to be all parent-ed out by the time you have them!"  He wanted to give me a dirty look and lecture me...I could tell!  (bhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!)  But, that would be wrong, so he held it in.  Little Mindy...oops, I mean, Alex piped up from the backseat, "Yeah Garrison, it's because you boss us around all the time!"

I just have a feeling Garrison is going to get a son that acts a lot like Alex.  And, I'm not gonna will be funny to watch.

I have to get Alex and Trey caught up on some math.  I am still learning (the hard way) that they are VERY different from their big brother.  They definitely don't have the same self-motivation when it comes to school and cannot be trusted at this point when they say they did something...or did it well.  They would rather be playing...or wrestling...or just about anything.

Oh well, live and learn right?  I was pretty upset about this little setback at first, but then I thought, who cares...what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?  They will catch up on this 1/2 year of math in no time.

See?  Can you believe the change that is happening in me!  It feels liberating!  I feel like my soul is awakening from the traumatic shut-down it went into!

Have you ever thought about how much you act and react based on what other people might think?  It's amazing to see how much we do, not because it is what brings glory to God, but because we fear people, want to please people, or don't wanna look "off."

I just shout a giant WHO STINKIN' CARES now!  

I challenge you to ask God to show you this week what all you are doing with the real motivation being to please people.  Let Him open your eyes to it.  I will share in the next post some of the things He has shown me!  Until then...go ahead...set aside some you time...some time of self-discovery in the light of who God calls you to be!


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heather said...

amen, sista!!! this has pretty much been a perpetual question in my mind over the past several weeks.

Mindy said...

I believe this has been the cry of many hearts recently ladies!