Monday, August 8, 2011

Mouse Hunt

I know I promised an interesting story, but this must be shared while it's fresh in my head!

I should have known when I awoke this morning to the commotion of Trey with a sword at the top of the stairs yelling to Alex running up with a piece of cheese in his hand that it would be an exciting day! 

"Boys, are you on a mouse hunt?" 


"What are you going to do with the sword Trey?"

"I'm supposed to go like this..."  You must picture him jabbing the plastic sword into the carpet.

"You are going to smash the mouse into my carpet?"

Big eyes.  Guess he hadn't thought that through all the way.  

However, his very quick-witted brother had the answer:  "No Mom!  The cheese would be under him!"

"Oh yes boys.  That would make it much better.  No mess there."

We proceed through breakfast and clean-up to get ready for our pals to come hang out.

Suddenly, Trey runs to my bedroom trying to say something out of breath..." step...calling Dad from the house phone to his cell phone...he is downstairs...he can try to sneak up..."

"Okay son, whatever you think is best.  You just protect me." 

(See this is their big chance to be my heroes, and now I know how important that is to boys!  Hunt. Conquer. Protect. Get injured if need-be, but at all cost, WIN THE BATTLE AND HELP SOMEONE!)

Tom slinks around the corner with a very impressive stack of cardboard something as his weapon of choice.  Alex has the sword again at the top of the stairs (great, back to Plan Smash the Mouse into the Carpet...or was it into the Cheese???)!  

Trey has a box.

I debate on whether to grab the camera, sit on top the couch to keep my feet up or maybe go outside with the dog so she doesn't eat said mouse...  

Alas, I decide to go lock myself in my bathroom and wash my hair!  (Isn't this what any woman with four males on a mouse hunt in her house would do???)

I should have rolled the video camera.  Will I ever learn?  They would have loved to watch that over and over!

I thought it was all over, but when I returned, Tom was on the stairs with a box and he had stationed boys at the top and bottom with boxes and who knows what else.  

Thankfully, at least Dad had a better plan than to smash anything into the carpet!

And then, action!  Dad goes in for the capture!  It starts to run past him, but NOPE!  You can't get passed our SuperDad!  

He caught the mouse with his bare hands!  He stuck it in the little box!

It wasn't a big, ugly mouse!  It was so cute and tiny.  They wanted to keep it.  I probably should've let them, but I said no in the moment.

They all went outside for a few minutes to decide it's fate.  How do you kill something so cute!

Then Alex comes in all sad-looking and says, "Dad threw him down a drain.  It probably crushed all his bones!"

Trey followed in behind and said, "Poor Steve."

"You guys named it Steve?"  Trey shakes his head.

"Yeah, Little the drain now.  But when we catch his mom, we can put her in the drain too and they can be reunited!"

"  You think we have...uh...more...with us?"

"Oh yeah Mom, the other one I saw last night was bigger!"


I hope our mouse hunting is over here, but stay tuned because it may be just beginning.  At least we went about a year without any.  I guess that just happens when you live next to a field and woods.  

Glad I have all these wise hunters to take care of me!  Hee hee

P.S. If anyone feels led to start a collection for the new carpet I may need, you go ahead!

P.S.S. Alex asked if he could spray Lysol on the steps.  BHHAAAA!

P.S.S.S. Trey said he was going to vacuum up the mouse poop behind the couch.



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Jill said...

Tell the boys to never name a pet Steve...Kevin has named several pets/plants "Steve" and they all die rather quickly after he names them! Loved the story! Gave me some good giggles!