Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red-Neck Wagoning?

I nearly forgot I had these pics!  They are simply too good of an example of "boy" to not share.  I mean, c'mon, this is my life!  I must chronicle these insane moments for my sons to forever cherish.  Tee hee hee 
Okay...so, my super sweet friend Lissa came to visit with her boys, Isaac and Ian.  We needed one last shabang before we all hit the books again.  

We tried to do something "normal."  Really!  We did!

We tried to have a simple and fun day at the pool, but a storm kicked up and we were sent home packin'.  

After it blew over though, our guys quickly found a way to entertain themselves.  (Don't they always!!!)
As Lissa and I were enjoying our couch time and catching up, I received a friendly phone call from my sis-in-law who lives up the street.  She wanted to let us know that our younger boys were outside riding the lil red wagon down the not-so-little hill on our road.

You may remember from posts back in the winter that we have great fun on this hill when it snows (okay, even when it ices), but I wasn't sure wagoning down it in the Radio Flyer was the brightest of ideas!

So, we thought we best heed the warning and check on things!  

Out we go, to make sure it was indeed our precious little darlings attempting this feat.  Of course, yes, indeed, we see the fruit of our wombs zipping down the pavement.  

And, huh? Wha...what is that they are using as a brake?  

Why, it is a bug net!  Just what we all would choose out of the vast array of tools in the garage right?
What do we do next?  

Well, we don't do what we use to do!  

We don't go running like mad women after them, freaking out that they may kill themselves (even though, of course we are thinking it in our minds)! 

No, no!  For, you see, we are now "seasoned" mothers of male offspring my friends!

NOW we finally understand their need to do these adventurous, risky, although, let's be honest, usually not completely thought through stunts! 

So, what do we do you ask?  

We act cool, calm, and collected!  (Please note that I said act!)  

We say, "Okay, if you are gonna do this, why don't you put on a helmet and pads and at least pray that you don't scrape your face across the street because, really, a bug net for a brake and flip-flops on your feet???" 
I have to admit it was actually great fun watching all this.  Even the big brothers left the X-Box football game to check it out.  Isaac was enthralled and ready to give it a whirl, but Garrison took his father's kind of approach:  he videoed hoping to cash in on the first mishap of stupidity!  You weren't gonna catch him in that wagon!
Now, here is my question:  Do you think it's bad that I was thinking, "Well, what is the worst that could happen here?  They aren't going that fast.  They have a fair amount of protection.  Some stitches?  A broken bone?  Is it worth the fun?  What do we have to lose compared to what we have to gain?"


(I would really like to hear from moms with boys out there and know if you have come to think these ways too.  And, if you don't have boys, or at least more than one, close in age with the other, well, you don't really get a say in this one because you probably just don't understand this unless you had brothers or close friends or relatives that are boys!!!  It's a whole other world I assure you!  Hahahahaha)

So you must be beside yourself wanting some live-action footage of this...and wanting to know if anybody broke anything I'm sure!

Okay...here's some video for your viewing pleasure:

Alex's try...he was beyond needing a Bug-Net Brake!  He was a pro now on his second trip down!  The fake fall at the end was lame, but whatever...
Now Isaac...he has a nice little leisurely ride.
All was going well.  Really!  It was fantastic fun and thrills.  It seemed that we had stumbled upon a new Hoosier pastime, ready to knock basketball out of its place!  



Until...Ian went for his next turn.

He got a little cocky and it didn't work out so well for him...and let me just say, I don't know why I couldn't stop laughing and perhaps my husband is right...this one time...that I do have an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, little problem with laughing at people when they get hurt!  Maybe it's just the way I deal with stress honey...a coping mechanism for difficult times that truly doesn't mean anything along the lines of me not truly caring for the individual who is wounded??? (SMILE)
Did you see it?  The wipe out at the end?

He fell down...but thankfully, did not break his crown...and his buddies all went running after!  

BUT...the very great thing about Red-Neck Wagoning is that the wagon doubles in duty and acts as a stretcher to get the injured back up the hill!  
 ...so that they can collapse on the driveway and recuperate!
 See?  All's well that ends...well?

Well, Lissa and I thought it ended well!  No one else went back down and experience taught them the lesson (not their raving, worried mommas)!

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Joybeth said...

Oh I completely hear ya on the if they have fun is it worth the pain?!?!?! It took me a LONG time to realize that it is worth it. Even if you ask my boys I believe they'd say ABSOLUTELY! Now, I will say we've been to the hospital with 4 concussions (on one child) because of all of these not very well thought out plans. We (and he) have learned who to watch; but how else are they gonna learn to take more caution! After YEARS of stopping them from completing unthought out adventures, and warning after warning, and someone still ends up hurt because they've not taken head to the panicking, screaming, yelling parent running after them... It's totally worth it! They are boys for crying out loud. They are, for all of their lives, in no uncertain terms, do things without thinking all the way through to the end result. It's what they do! Hopefully in all their "learning" as children, they will be better thinkers, or at least more prepared, as adults!