Friday, September 2, 2011

Math, Dogs, & Mullets!

*Favorite of the Day:  The Five Finger Paragraph and Essay*

(I've decided I have lots of favorite things and would like to share them in hopes that you will also share some favorites with me.  I love to hear about products via word-of-mouth from friends that actually use them and have good results rather than wasting my money!) other news...

What a day!

What a week really.

I am truly stunned by how much ONE subject out of ALL that the boys and I do in a day can give us so much grief!


The very word makes me feel enraged at the moment!  (I'm not even kidding people...that angry!)

Those of you who "get" math are thinking, "What's the big deal?"  Those of you who don't "get" it (like me) are thinking, "Tell me about it!"

And those of you who are homeschooling parents who don't get it are maybe breathing a sigh of relief right now that somebody else who loves their children, wants to keep teaching them as God has called, and truly enjoys every other part of the day with them can understand your frustration!

It's been rough.  We enjoy our day learning together and then BAM!  We are at the table, and I am thinking today will be different...better.  

Nope.  Within minutes all of us are fighting back tears.  Literally.  No exaggeration here.  (Not Garrison...I mean he is off doing his own thing with genius algebraic equations, that little Jimmy Neutron...and thank heaven because I sure can't help him!)  

The dad who could teach this HORRID subject just fine is no where to be found because you know, somebody has to make a living!

Lord help me.  I need some guidance right now.  Prayers appreciated.  I don't want to give up in frustration!!!

Enough of that...

Not much else to say.  Just feeling quite overwhelmed trying to get it all done in a day.  We celebrated my dad's 66th birthday yesterday with a homemade pizza party and card games.  We've gotten haircuts (mo-hawks and faux-hawks and more). We've karate-chopped people and played with Adalee.

For now, I will just leave you with Trey's essay on dogs (in his own spelling).  At least composition is growing leaps and bounds around here! 

We have been using the Five Finger Paragraph and Essay, which I highly recommend to help learn how to write a great paragraph in a pretty easy way.  Essays are just made up of paragraphs so the sooner a student can get a good paragraph format down the better!  We have studied this the last three weeks and it seems to be clicking.

Dogs make fun pets.  They have special features.  They requier responibity.  They have things they love.  Dogs are great but not always cute.

Dogs have some things in comin.  There noses are usily wet.  Most dogs have fur.  Some dogs bark alot.  Dogs mite be difrint from each other but they all need the same things.

Dogs can be a bunch of work.  They need a kenal or a bed for sleeping.  All dogs need to eat two times a day.  Evry dog has to go to the batroom and needs exersize.  Dogs must have help, but they can be fun to.

There are many ways to enjoy dogs.  They love to be petted.  You can teach them how to do tricks and reward them with treats.  Dogs are happy when they play with there owners.  Usily dogs are more joy then they are work.

Dogs are great pets.  They may not always behave, but they can be enjoyd.  If taken good care of they will be freinds with you.  They can do cool tricks and even make you laghf.  Dogs can bring fun to your home.

Written by Trey William
September 2011
Grade 5, age (almost) 9

And now...drumroll.....

A funny from Trey:

As we are driving down the road today, the boys are discussing hairstyles.  Trey says, "Jesus probly took Dad's hair away because he use to have a mullet and He knows Dad can't be trusted with hair!"


(I think he got his momma's wit.  Let's hope he got my hair genes too! HA!)

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