Saturday, October 15, 2011

Amy's Baby Girl

Another happy event from September was a baby shower for one of my very best friends since junior high, Amy.  This is her third girl who was actually just born on Oct. 7 so I will post some of those pics too.

Amy has Lillian Grace (who is a month older than Trey) and Madilyn Rose who is six.  The girls thought this baby should have a "flower" name too, but this baby's name kind-of found her, rather than her parents finding her a name.  It was a God-thing!  

Evelyn Faith...aka...Evie would not have a flower in her name.  Instead, they started calling her sweet pea so she could at least have a flower nickname (and sisters would be happy) and thus the theme of her little shower was clear.  BUT, it's not easy finding sweet pea flowers or things with sweet pea flowers on them...SO we opted for the play-on-words.

It was tons of fun and our friend Toni did a beautiful job decorating.  Jennifer, Rebekah and I handled food prep.  I got to do the invitations which I LOVE to do, and I was SUPER excited to find the little cake topper which is porcelain and she can keep for always.
 Amy and Toni looking beautiful
 Amy looking beautiful again...and me, well not so much, but I didn't have another pic of us together so I have to settle
 And teeny-tiny Rebekah Ruth
 I cheated...because of time and being exhausted, I bought the cake and only added the pea pods and baby!
 Madi, Avery (Amy's niece), and Lilly
 I love this pic of Lilly.  Her button says Big Sister!
 Madi was very excited about the itty-bitty little rattle that looks like a purse.  She is her momma's girl!
 Amy's niece Betsy, sister Lisa, and new sis-in-law, Laura
 Lots of little "helpers" to get those packages open, but of course Amy handled it gracefully...because, well that is Amy...sweet
 Sister Teri and her daughter
Amy's momma, Debbie

Here are the big sistas patiently as possible!
 The grandpas
 Teri holding Madi up so she could watch through the window for her Daddy to come
 I wish this pic could show how they were jumping up and down!  So sweet! are very wanted by your sisters so as you all get older and fights happen, here is proof of how happy they are to have you!
 I just thought this was too adorable not to capture!  I love proud grandparents!

And here is our first glimpse of mommy and baby!
 Look at that cuteness!  7 lb. 8 oz. and 20 in.
 I took pics of all her parts while her mommy was away from her because I know my Amy Marie! 
 She had me wrapped around her little finger within minutes!  So happy to be home and share this with my BFF!
 And there is everybody goin' goo-goo over her...and her daddy with his food...a guy's gotta eat!
 C'mon!  Even her cry face is precious!
 First pic of three sisters...ahhhhh  Look at that smoosh face!
 Clearly looks like that was hard work...being born!
 Amy is just the bomb of a mom...seriously, new bags filled with presents from Evie to her big sisters???  The woman thinks of everything!  Look at Madi's face...too sweet!
 Lilly reading her card
 Here is day old...and Madi couldn't stand it anymore...she had to get on outfit on her.  Her pacifier says sweet pea too!

 I think this is the start of something beautiful!

I love you girls...all four of ya! xoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trey's 9th Birthday

 There he big 9 year old!  How can it be?  My baby!!!  As it custom at my house, his birthday was a week-long celebration!

Hey, why not?  I mean, c'mon...we are celebrating LIFE!!!  That is worthy of a week!

Aunt Kathy, who NEVER fails to remember my boys (she isn't even their for real aunt...she is Nate, Hannah, Matthew, and Gracie's aunt but she loves them like their her own), sent Trey some gift cards to Olive Garden and when he opened them, he ran into my room and said, "Hey want me to take you out to Olive Garden?  My treat!"  He flashed those cards...that little grin...those brown eyes.  Heck yeah I was gonna be his date!  And see, how can you not wanna celebrate a kid so giving all week long!  
 Well, truth is, I wasn't the only gal Trey had his eye on.  Nope, he said we had to take Didi too.  Good thing I like my momma!  (wink) my Trey-Trey!
 Here he is opening his present...straight from the mailbox as we are rushing out to karate!
 His IPod!
 He's just handing me my keys here, but I just adore this face!  When I think of Trey as a little toddler, this is the face I picture!!!
 His love letter and ITunes card from his Laurla!
On Friday night, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and to see Dolphin Tale with Toni and Jamey.

 And when I think of Trey as a 9 year old, I will think of this face!  It's so goofy!
On Saturday, Tom and another dad took some of the boys from church bowling to celebrate some of their birthdays.  Afterward, they all came back here and their families came.  We played ball and had a fire.  It was a nice, simple party with good friends.
 Trey and Isaiah
 Luke and Alex
 Some basketball
 Some football
 Dylan and Aidan
 Joel helping Kathern on the scooter
 He just wanted cookies he could put Oreo icing on!
 GREAT birthday week!  Welcome to 9 Trey William!