Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MORE Red-Neck Wagoning!

This HAD become quite a past-time around these parts.  I say HAD because, well, Alex took a spill on the concrete and they haven't been back in the wagon!  I seriously thought he may have broken his knee cap...NOT cool! (Dad even gave me a lecture...more on that later.)

I didn't forbid them.  They learned the hard way.  Well maybe.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they were out there tomorrow doing it again!

So this was invented with the McCullough boys, but these pics are with the Hancock boys...Dylan and Lane.  They come to do some school stuff with us on Tuesdays.  Now, don't worry your pretty little heads!  We DID have school finished this day!

 But look at all they learned.  I mean this is problem-solving people!  Four boys...only room for three do we fix this???
 Do we dare take turns???
NO!!!  THAT would be too safe and smart!  No, we attach a skateboard to the back!  Of course!
 But who should ride the skateboard???  Lane or Trey?  Hmmm...

Trey?  Okay great...
Uhhh no...not so much.  

You can tell which one in the wagon is the first-born can't you?  

Yep, the one with a helmet and pads on!

And do you hear my first-born in the background (not in the wagon...or even close to the wagon)?  You can hear me get onto him for his worrying. (I know, I know...probably should've listened to him and then I would have avoided the lecture I got from Dad...more on that later...)
 Trey checking out his little pinky injury.  Good grief!!! Man-up son!
 Oh that hair...giggle
 More problem solving...
 Lookin' tired!
 One more run...

 Puppy even looked frightened!  (Guess even this should've clued me in to stop the craziness so I didn't get a lecture from Dad...more on this later.)
 Look at 'em...they look like they just conquered the enemy!  The few...the proud...The Wagon Riders!  How could I take that joy away?  HOW???
I could forbid it...but really, why?  I mean, it's not that dangerous and if I have learned one thing about males, it is that they WILL seek and find adventure!  So, my theory is that if you can help them find some that isn't TOO crazy and dangerous, you will be better off in the long run!

Well, maybe my theory wasn't the greatest...cuz, seriously you guys, I thought the kid BROKE his knee cap! 

There are no photos of this because he seriously couldn't hardly walk!  It was a bloody mess...and I do mean bloody...scrapes...gravel...bluck!

*(I do just want to point out to my dad that here again I used the college degree he paid for that he says I wasted his money on because I graduated and started having babies (babies he loves, adores and spoils ROTTEN, may I add)!!!  I can clean and bandage a wound thanks to that degree.  See, God knew why I needed it!* back to the blood stuff...yeah, bad...bad...bad...bad!  I was thinking...ugh...Dad's not gonna like this!  (I was right too because I got lectured, but more on that in a minute.)

We iced it...bandaged it...propped it...iced it...took pain meds...

And can I just say that Stone-Cold Rocky Mohawkin Reynolds DID participate in Martial Arts class that night!  He is one tough dude!

After class, that's when Alex squealed and told Tom about the wreck!  I dunno what all he said to Alex, but this is what I got..."Um, honey, this is two foolish things that happened in two days, so I think at the very least, they should wear helmets and pads if they are gonna do this...and a helmet isn't going to save his face if it scrapes across the concrete..."

UGH!  I'm glad my hubby is nice, but I still felt bad for a second or two!  

I did think it over.  I will make them wear the pads and helmet if they do it again, BUT I'll still let 'em do it.  I hold with my original theory that if not guided in their adventures, they will find ones that are more dangerous than I'd like!  tee hee

Oh my crazy life!

Are you wanting to know???

The other "foolish" thing that happened???

Well, I gave Dad a little lecture back because some things are foolish, but some things are just childish.

Okay so Alex and Trey were waiting for Ethan to finish his homework and play so they are in Rebekah's backyard and they decide to throw rocks.  

Sounds bad so far, but listen...

They are just passing time...hey they aren't fighting...they aren't trying to start a fire!  (Yeah, it has happened...shew!)

They see a rock pile.  They decide to see who can toss their rock between the two wooden posts and make it land on the rock pile.

See, not so bad right???

Sadly, the bad part is that the rock pile just so happened to be in front of the glass doors to the basement!  



Alex ran home scared...and I mean scared!  When your son runs in the door stumbling over his own feet and his words and all you can make out is something about selling his IPod to pay for it, you know it's not good news!

Trey faced the victims.  He explained and Aunt Bekah told him to go on home in case Uncle Rob "got mad and said anything inappropriate!" Trey said.  

I checked the damage, talked to Alex, promised him Aunt Bekah and Uncle Rob still loved him and sent his little booty up the road to apologize!

Oh my crazy life!  

But it's mine and I love it! 


Oh...and that's why we call him Rocky Mohawkin now!

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there are worse things in life than having scars...i'm actually quite proud of mine! =)