Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some of September

It's 4 A.M. and after a two-day migraine and an interesting experience with a medication that knocked me out during the day, I now cannot sleep!  Ugh...frustrating.

So, why not upload some miscellaneous pics from our last couple months right?

The boys started taking music lessons with other homeschoolers at the beginning of September.  Garrison chose bass.  Trey picked guitar.  Alex ended up with a trumpet!  Still not sure how that happened, but ready or not, here we go!

 Here they are learning how to set up stands.  

That's my friend Dustin from high school there on the right.  Funny how life's turns lead you back to people you wouldn't have thought you'd be hanging out with huh?  So great to see him again.  I definitely remember him as one of the nicest guys I went to school with.  He has two boys and they seriously crack me up every time I get to be around them!  He is homeschooling his boys this year to see if it will help one of them overcome some obstacles.  I just love that!  I love a daddy who has his priorities straight!  Hats off to him and his wife for the sacrifices they are making!
Our friend Samantha from high school also homeschools and has kiddos in the band.  We have had some great conversations that have been eye-opening for both of us I think.  I love seeing other people's perspectives of life...from the past and present!  Her children pose their own challenges for her and she is another shining example of a dedicated mom determined to see her babies thrive!  So thankful to be in good company with people who can sympathize with struggles and encourage me to keep on keepin' on ya know?
Oh my...what is that Trey is doing back there?  They think they are cool cats now that's for sure!  And these hair and faux-hawks...hilarious.  I don't care about the hair.  I'll save the fight for tattoos and piercings I believe.  It's fun! has posed some great learning opportunities for my kids and others.  

I enjoyed talking with Alex about his mo-hawk and how certain people may respond to it.  So many times when someone has a "different" look people judge them quickly, determining they must be a punk with no manners, etc...  I'm guilty!  I've done that in the past.  But, this was a great time to equip Alex with this truth:  it is the heart that God looks upon, not outward appearances.  I have had the joy of watching older people in restaurants who have made passing dirty looks at Alex simply because of his hair be quite taken aback when he holds the door for them and says, "Let me get that sir!" 
 Here's my girl.  I can't believe she will be turning four soon.  I can't even express how thankful I am to be living down the street from her and so close to all my nieces and nephews now.  It's nice to have some girl-ness in my life and to be able to see them all growing up.
 Adalee spends one day a week with us.  It was on band day, but I had to switch that since the boys need me to be able to pay attention and help them with their music throughout the week.

He's taller than me now by the way. (sniffle)

The rest of these are just silly.  We were goofing around with a new camera I had purchased but now returned.  It was fun while it lasted, but I didn't like the picture quality enough to keep it.
 This is Trey being Alfalfa.  He was even quoting the Little Rascals movie..."Dear Darla,..." 
 And here the "twins" are acting nerdy.
Alex, making fun of Garrison's comb-over hair and seriousness.  Even Garrison thought it was funny!  He's our "Grandpa" and we love him!  He keeps us all in line!

 Their buddy...their pal!

 I don't know why he loves this, but he always wants me to take a picture of his thinking face!

 Oh my goodness!  That's all I will say about this!
 Garrison has been trying to hide from my camera lately.  I don't like it.  I won't accept it.  I have ways of making them cooperate!!!

 A fun little feature the camera had: photo-booth!  You should be able to click on the image to see it larger.

And...yes...I'm gonna do it.  

I have to.

I shouldn't!

But, I'm gonna!

I'll teach him to hide from my camera by using those rare occasions when he lets it all hang out for me!

Garrison Thomas!  Take that stinker!


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