Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adalee's 4th Birthday

Time just keeps ticking.  

"My" baby girl is 4 now.  I don't know how to say how sweet it is to live by Adalee Jean and get to spend time with her.  

I truly enjoyed our experiences of travel and cultures in Navy days, but I missed seeing my nieces and nephews growing.  I LOVE children and seriously hate that I missed out on their "little" years so much of the time.  I treasure the days I get to spend with them now and especially thank all the women in my life who share their girls with me!  I really believe if I had daughters of my own I would take for granted all the amazing young ladies around me.
 Hanging out with Laura
 our Princess
 Lots of cousins to celebrate with

 Brother Ethan with his princess crown
 She got a new hat!
 And gloves and a coat!
 She REALLY likes the gloves
 Alex and his buddy Judah
 Buddies...Zeph & Josh
 Nanny and her girl
Random pic I found that Trey took of himself!

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