Friday, December 2, 2011

First Tournament!

I almost forgot the very important Tae Kwon Do tournament...our first ever...that happened in October as well!

Man, were my nerves shot at this event!  Yikes!  This was an experience, and the dude that Garrison had to go up against was like Ninja Boy the Original!  He was fast and mean!  He nailed my baby in the chest and this momma about went out there!  Thankfully for him, he was a good sportsman and apologized and asked if G was okay afterward so it was all good, but sheez...what a way to get acquainted with tournaments!
 Here is part of the team with Master Hart on the far right.  I'm so thankful for his love and patience with his students!

 Jamey and Conner gearing up
 Ethan, Alex, and Trey waiting their turn
 We are a little bit nervous right now
 Starting to get into it
 I adore all these different looks!  Ethan: What have I gotten myself into?  Trey:  I don't know what is going on out there!  Should I do this?  Alex: Dude, I got this!
Alex doing his form
 Alex is waiting for results!
 Second place!  The judge is telling him he would've taken first if he had bent his knees more.
 I think he is pleased with his performance!
 THEN...he had to spar with a girl.  We thought this was freaking him out and that's why he wasn't getting close to her because he KNOWS how we feel about him EVER striking a lady!  Later we found out he was just trying to follow their rule of "no contact."  He thought he would be disqualified if he touched her!  


Uncle Rob is talking the Ethan through.  Trey decided not to spar.


Oh my sweet lil Ethan!  He was something to watch.  He was so anxious about all of it.  He did a GREAT job sparring, but it took everything he had not to break down crying because it was so intense for him.  He was so good that he had to keep going back up over and over again for eliminations!  It was just one of those moments where you knew it was going to make or break him!  You knew if he pushed through, it would be a moment he would remember FOREVER!  So proud of him!
 Meanwhile, Jamey was on the other mat. 

 I can't even remember where they all placed now, but they all had trophies!  Such an exciting day to see all their hard work pay off!
 Yes...we are happy!
 Lil E-Man still talking things out with Dad
 A hint of a smile!
 Then it was Garrison's turn.  (Sorry it won't allow the video...must be too long.)

 There!  Can you see how awful he looks?  This was after his sparring match and the big, mean kick!  He was having trouble breathing!

Oh my goodness this face reminds me of when he was little and would get cold-induced asthma!  Sweet guy!  He's the only one who wasn't afraid of the Ninja Boy though.  He gave him a run for his money for sure!

Definitely a learning experience.  It will be really fun to watch them next time since they will know what to expect! 

*Note...I feel SO terrible!  I do not have any still shots of Trey!  I think I was so nervous and trying to keep up with pics and videos of all the kids that I only have videos that are too long to post! Sorry Trey-Trey LOVE YOU!!!  

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