Friday, December 2, 2011

October School Days (Yes, I'm THAT Behind)!

Let's back up the truck and regroup shall we?  After all, this is my childrens' scrapbook of sorts so I have to make sure they remember all our good times!

October...well, it wasn't the most beautiful fall season I remember around these parts, but we enjoyed it as much as possible.  The weather just didn't seem able to make up it's mind!  Hot to freezing cold to warm and then back to sweltering again.  YUCK!  It definitely didn't make for beautiful leaf colors here or healthy sinuses!

We didn't get out to the parks as usual.  Many days were stuck indoors, but we have a couple of friends coming to join us for school once a week and of course our sweet Adalee. Thankfully, my gang knows how to create fun!

Here are some random school day shots and videos.

 Not much I enjoy more than cuddling with my kiddos and a good book!  It cracks me up that they fight over who gets to sit with me.  I treasure that!
 We were reading a biography on Abraham Lincoln as we studied the Civil War.  I love Adalee's face here.  Isn't that cute how they are just piled up together?
 There's SuperTeen cuddling with pup-pup.  She's a mess and won't leave Garrison alone when Dad is away.  Drives the boy nuts!
 Alex opted for the safety of the other sofa to protect his already injured knee.  (Red-Neck Wagon Riding got the best of him.  He was injured...injured bad). (wink)
 Seriously...a mess this dog!  And look how grumpy she looks!  She's gotten meaner in her old age!
 Little Smirky Smirkerson!
 What's the deal with these looks I'm getting? Ahhh that's right...they are just realizing how "cool" they are!  tee hee  Too funny!

Here's Adalee reciting a poem she learned in about 3 minutes before her nap one day.  She is such a sponge!

 She tells us she doesn't like our naps at our house.  She even cries to her momma.  She doesn't do this at Nanny's house!  We think we have finally figured out that she just doesn't want to stop to sleep because she is having fun, but she always falls right to sleep. 
 There is a lot of talking that goes on at the table, but they are all great kids and they get their stuff done with plenty of time to play.  I think relationship building is just as important as academics...if not more so!
 This is Dylan...the oldest child in his family.  He and Garrison definitely help set the pace for everybody else.  Gotta love those first-borns!
 This is Lane...he's the next in line after Dylan.  Can you tell Adalee likes him a bit???
Alex has decided he doesn't like his picture taken by mom now!  urgh!

Let's see...what else...OH YES...then there was the day Alex and Trey plotted to take over the world!
Don't ask me what the Dynamic Duo was thinkin'!

Then one day we read an article in a Highlights magazine with Adalee about apples and how they are grown, picked, and named.  There was a chart for an experiment on comparing apples and since we happened to have a few different kinds, we decided to eat!

In case you're wondering, Honey Crisp are the best!

We were able to take a two-day field trip with Dad.  He had a crazy work schedule through the fall, so it was WONDERFUL to get away and regroup as a family.

We traveled into Kentucky to take a cave tour.  We were a little early so we chowed down at a pretty good local pizza joint and then drove around to see some Civil War battlefields since we were studying that time period.
 Trey and Alex jumped out and ran fairly quickly away.  Any ideas what they were in such a hurry for???
I won't tell (wink) HAAAAAAAA!

After all the "business" was taken care of, we began to walk a trail to read about a battlefield.  All of a sudden there was pain on my leg, and I was trying to get some ferocious insect out of my pants!

To know me is to know that was the end of my hike!  The guys went on their way while I went to the van and read my book!  

I know, I can say it if you want...and I DON'T CARE!  I am NOT an outdoorsy girl.  I put forth my best effort, but I will not be eaten alive to read a plaque in the middle of a field...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Of course, there are no pictures of what the gentlemen looked at, as well as there are no photos from the cave time because by the time we got to it, I was so tired and you know the menfolk weren't gonna be bothered with capturing the moments!

I had tried a new medicine for the ridiculous anxiety and panic attacks I have been dealing with and medicine and I just don't click!  I literally kept falling asleep every time the van moved or I was sitting still!

As we started to walk to the cave, the lil tour guide kept saying there are 231 steps down into the cave and 231 steps back out...and all I could think was that even if I made it down and through it, I was way too tired to climb out!

I did.  I skipped the cave tour.  I know...bad momma huh?  I just coudn't!  But I did have a lovely bottle of Aquafina and a great nap!

We got on the road again and Tom drove us to Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home (while I slept still...yeah, it was THAT bad!).  Thankfully, I pepped back up and have pictures to prove our learning there!

 Alex was pretty excited.  He is so infatuated with Abe!  Clearly he wasn't as excited to let me take his photo!

 An inn named after the President's mother.
 The memorial

 This sweet park ranger happened to catch my husband and ask if he was prior military.  He said yes, that he had served in the Navy on submarines and she asked if he would help her fold the flag!  You could tell he was very excited to be asked.  It was cute!
 The boys were not so enthralled as Dad, and so they continued to wear themselves out climbing up and down the gazillion steps.  (Yes! After the 231 steps down and the 231 steps back out of the cave!  How do they do it???)

 Did you think I was kidding?  Up and down and up and down...they just kept going!

 I love this one!  Garrison is probably memorizing the folds while Alex is probably thinking if there was a way to get Trey to roll down the steps!  hee heee

 Yep...still folding...

 This sure is a process huh?!

 The lady insisted on this photo so Tom would always remember where he folded the flag.  She was so nice.

 Flag all gone...

 Mmmm hmmmm...more steps!  You know they liked them.  And you know I didn't even try.  I have a great zoom lens!  (smile)

 Yes, he did try to go over the rail and into the spring!  Oh that child!  Will it ever end?  I've been chasing him for ten years of my life!  

I did fall asleep again on the way to our hotel...nope, not kidding...crazy!  We stopped for dinner, checked in, and somehow these guys STILL had energy to burn.  Thankful for the husband who took them to the pool while I...what?  YES!  I slept more!  And I had no problem waking and going back to sleep all night long!  

All from one tiny pill!  I literally am now taking 1/16th of that pill and it is helping without any fatigue!  Isn't that hilarious?

The next day we stopped at the Patton Museum on the way back home.  I LOVE museums of most any kind.  History fascinates me so I spent my time reading about Patton's life while my guys ooooed and ahhhed over guns and weapons and such.

 We had to stop at everything so the boys could take pics on their iPods!

 Too funny to me! can see that though October was a little different this year, we rocked it with simple fun and made great memories!

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