Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I sent my niece around with my camera to capture Thanksgiving with Tom's side of the family, but sadly bombed in getting any at my parent's house,  I think my Mom got some so maybe I can add her's on later.
 Tom's grandmother, Ina, in the middle with sisters, Elnora (left) and Angie (right)
 Will he ever stop this???
Cousin Mick and Hadassah...thanks for taking pics girl!
 We LOVE our Mamaw!
 I have so many wonderful memories with this special woman.
 Tom's momma, Sandy...looking FANTASTIC and doing great since her big surgery scare!

 Aunt Suzanne & Baby Ellie

 Grandad & Nanny with Nate...Deena's oldest
 Charlotte...cousin Jay's little girl...oh those blue eyes!!!
 Jay, Jen, Charlotte, & Ellie
 Rebekah & Aunt Angie
 Mom, Dad, & Nik
 Grandad with Lydia & Joleen
 Uncle Roger (Grandad's brother) and Bekah
 Nikki, Tom, Julie, Rebekah, & Erin (all the siblings except Deena...she wasn't able to make it)

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